Free Kitchen Design Software – IKEA Kitchen Planner

IKEA Kitchen Planner is free and easy to use kitchen design software to create 2D and 3D virtual models of your dream kitchen. The software has all the elements you need to fully equip your new kitchen. If you need a bid of an inspiration, you can also use the “ready-made” IKEA kitchens, which can be found on their website.

With IKEA Kitchen Planner you can:

  • Define the shape of your kitchen along with its measurements.
  • Place different elements such as doors, windows, inner walls, electricity, water, gas.
  • Furnish your kitchen with cabinets, kitchen islands, appliances, sinks, tables, chairs, etc.
  • View the result in a 3D-view format by clicking on a button.
  • Print your kitchen design so that you can take it along during your next shopping trip to the furniture retailer.
  • Get an idea of how much your new kitchen will approximately cost.
IKEA Kitchen Planner
IKEA Kitchen Planner. Photo courtesy of
IKEA Kitchen Planner
IKEA Kitchen Planner

Of course, you can only use IKEA stuff with this software, but it’s quite easy to plan any kitchen with it that fits to the standard width of cabinets, dining furniture, etc.

Click here to learn more about this free kitchen design software. Don’t forget to tell me what do you think about it in your comments.

21 thoughts on “Free Kitchen Design Software – IKEA Kitchen Planner”

  1. Køkkenskabe efter mål

    Cool software, thanks for posting it! It helps us minimize our work by just using this software…

  2. Hello Tahir,

    It will be difficult and time consuming task for me to explain you step by step all of the operations of the kitchen planner. Just install the IKEA software and follow the steps on the left (Define Your Room, etc.).

    Let me know if you have any other questions.



  3. If you’re looking for help with or tips on the IKEA Kitchen Planner, the people at can help you! You can also report problems with the IKEA Kitchen Planner or the IKEA Home Planner directly to an IKEA co-worker from the IT department in Sweden who’s working with IKEAFANS on troubleshooting some issues in the planner tools.

    Put in a review request on the Kitchen Planning forum, and you’ll get lots of helpful suggestions. And just like the IKEA Planning Software, it’s Free! :)

  4. My company offers very affordable professional IKEA kitchen design service. We are a Los Angeles area remodeling company specializing in projects using IKEA kitchen cabinets.

    We’ve learned, over the course of hundreds of IKEA kitchen projects, that most homeowners need help planning, designing and ordering IKEA cabinets. These are great products, just a little hard to figure out how to use to get the kind of result you see in the IKEA store displays.

    Our designer has designed on over 11,000 IKEA kitchens. Our team knows how to use these high quality, European-style cabinets in creative ways. Most homeowners who design their own kitchen will keep the same footprint and use the cabinets as they come off the shelf, so to speak. A professional design is something very different. Although I’m a remodeling contractor myself, the best advice I can offer is to have a professional design your new kitchen, or help you design it. It makes a huge difference.

    We’ve often been asked by people from outside the LA area for help. Our designer can work with measurements and photos, and phone consultation so we do offer planning to anyone.

  5. Just as a note, the image of the IKEA kitchen shown on this page is not a typical IKEA kitchen because the cabinets are not built-in but rather IKEA”s free standing line.

    Another note is that the chimney hood looks like it is too close to the horizontal wall cabinet on the right, Would be unsafe and probably doesn’t meet code requirements.

  6. This software is an excellent one. With IKEA Kitchen Planner one can get a sneak preview before actually construction taking place. I found the installation of this software is quick and easy. Thanks.

  7. I have problems installing the IKEA kitchen planner even after an installation of the additional program called DirectX.

  8. Hi Chcuk,

    What I can say is to try again by following the installation instructions very carefully.



  9. Hello,

    It’s a great help for kitchen design. When you are starting to design a kitchen that will be used for commercial purposes, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. A commercial kitchen is a lot more complex than the one in your own home, and there are many needs that have to be met. These needs not only include style and function, but also requirements from your local city and state departments.


  10. I downloaded the IKEA Kitchen Planner, but I can’t run it. I have Windows Vista. The message I get is IKEA Kitchen Planner.exe has stopped working. Please help, thanks.

  11. Hi Josina,

    It seems that other people have the same problem too. Have you carefully followed the installation instructions? Have you tried to download Microsoft DirectX?



  12. Dear Ganka, yes I followed the instructions, which also said that DirectX is a requirement, but it’s supposed to say that during the installation, which it did not. It finished installation normally and then I got the error message when it tried to run the EXE. I also installed DirectX, to make sure that it was not the cause of the error, although it was not clear from the Windows website which one to download. I have de-installed and started over several times, with no success.


  13. I have installed and uninstalled and re-installed 3 times and it still doesn’t work. Don’t get any errors, but nothing happens when you click on the icon, or when you try to run directly from the c:\program files\directory.

  14. Here is what ended up working for me:
    Go to
    Choose your country.
    Click on the ‘Kitchen’ tab.
    Scroll down to where it says ‘Design Your Dream Kitchen’.
    Click on the ‘Kitchen Planner’ link.
    Scroll down and click on the yellow ‘Start’ button.
    Click on ‘Start’ or click on ‘Pre-designed Rooms’.

  15. For those having problems with IKEA kitchen planner on Windows Vista or Windows 7 it is because IKEA is still in the process of making the program compatible with the new versions of Windows. I think Vista is working now but your best bet would be to use the program on Windows XP.

  16. The IKEA Kitchen planner is a very helpful tool and it is one of the best ways to remodel a kitchen as well.

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