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Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you are considering options for your kitchen flooring, then vinyl flooring offers numerous advantages over traditional choices. Not only is it less expensive but the comfort factor is also high. A lot of people think it’s better than ceramic or natural stone.

Vinyl flooring is highly functional and is as attractive as the other expensive flooring choices. The synthetic materials that make up the flooring makes it low maintenance and hence all the more economical. It’s easier to clean your vinyl floor as it resists stain, water, and moisture. You could look for this flooring in different sizes and shapes as there’s a wide enough array to choose from. Vinyl flooring looks as good as that of wood, ceramic, or stone. The fact that this flooring is resilient makes it least likely to break utensils that would even otherwise be frequently dropped on the floor.

What makes people think twice about vinyl flooring is that they are not perceived to add glamour to your house as their natural counterparts would. It is not advisable to get this flooring if your kitchen has large windows that would allow considerable sunlight; vinyl floor has a greater tendency to lose color under such conditions. You cannot place heavy furniture in the kitchen because this flooring is very likely to be depressed and such indentation would not be a pretty picture. Finally there’s also the fact that vinyl flooring is not a long lasting option; you may have to consider getting it replaced sooner than ceramic or other natural flooring choices.

How much would vinyl flooring cost you?

Light vinyl flooring in a kitchen
Light vinyl flooring in a kitchen. Photo courtesy of Housetohome.

As with any other flooring option, the cost of getting a vinyl floor for your kitchen depends on factors such as its thickness, maker, and the design. Typically the price is between $1.50 and $5.50 per square foot, making it one of the more economical alternatives available.

You are better off getting good quality flooring for your kitchen if you do not want to replace the tiles ever so often. The material must be durable and even if you move around heavy objects regularly, there should be no damage. Water and stain resistance of the vinyl flooring must be high. There are some vinyl options whose color and patterns are not just superficial; these are more long-lasting and hence expensive.

Armstrong, Congoleum and Mannington are the more popular vinyl flooring manufacturers.

What to look out for when you are buying vinyl flooring?

A blueprint of the kitchen would be a great help in getting an approximate estimate of how much it would cost get your choice of vinyl flooring.

Having a fair idea of what kind of vinyl floor would be appropriate for your kitchen that would make the room look more spacious makes it easier to choose something. A subtle tone along with the shiny surface of vinyl is great as it reflects more light. Reflecting light makes the room appear bright and spacious. The décor should be a factor while choosing the flooring.

You can always speak with an interior designer if you are not too sure about what would look great in your kitchen. You must remember that the ambience of the kitchen should be in sync with the other rooms of the house. For the latest trends and more ideas, you could check out interior design magazines and maybe even online forums.

How to install vinyl flooring?

The underlying surface must be prepared until it becomes smooth to ensure that the vinyl floor sits on it nice and snug. Sometimes, plywood has to be laid underneath the floor to ensure that the finish is smooth. This would actually increase the level of the floor leading to a difference in the heights between the rooms adjacent to the kitchen. You may also have to alter the doors in the kitchen.

Whether you are installing vinyl tiles or sheets would determine if you could do it yourself or you need a more experienced professional to lay the flooring. You could either peel off the back of these adhesive tiles or apply some glue on the felt tiles. Then place them on the surface and you are good to go. If you stick to the guidelines issued by the manufacturer, then you can do the vinyl flooring yourself. It’s simple and easy to install. In case you think you cannot handle it, get a professional to do the job.

How to maintain the vinyl flooring?

You would just have to vacuum to clean the floor. Alternatively, a wet mop would also do. Do not use abrasive materials. To reduce the occurrence of stains, do away with any spills as soon as you see them. Use floor protectors on large furniture pieces (cabinets, tables etc) in your kitchen. If you follow the user’s manual, then you would only be enhancing the life of the vinyl flooring; the maintenance would also be less cumbersome.

How to get the best price on a vinyl flooring?

Amazon and BuildDirect appear to be some of the best places to buy the vinyl flooring from (sponsored links). Besides the best prices, their customer friendly policies make buying from them a pleasure.

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  1. Last year I purchased a product called Reflex Tiles (Flexi-Tile). The stuff is awesome, looks good in my garage. They make a product for the house called HomeStyle. I plan on putting it in my son’s playroom. They advertise that you can put it in the kitchen. Does anybody know if this is also good for food preparation areas?

  2. Anyone who spends on buying the best quality of construction material, according to his budget, has a dream of decorating the house in the best possible manner. The vinyl flooring helps to add colors to the house, and they are easy to maintain.

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  3. I totally disagree with some of your comments on vinyl flooring. We have had ours down for over 30 years and we never had problems with fading or denting. Of course we bought top of the line Congoleum back in 85. We are replacing it just now with another sheet vinyl it is in our kitchen, family room and goes into a little hall that goes to the garage and a full bath. My guys are mechanics and it has held up beautifully. Thanks We love vinyl for its durability and beauty. I’ve included the page I saw the article in website below.

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