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Rubber flooring
Rubber flooring. Photo courtesy of

If you are eco-conscious and are looking for flooring that’s green, then recycled rubber flooring is a good option for you. This is made from old car tires and is hence a great way to say no to the other flooring choices that are harsh on the environment. Thanks to its durability and ease of maintenance, it makes a fantastic choice for those areas that see high traffic in your house such as the kitchen.

Your back and knees aren’t subjected to a lot of stress because the rubber floor is soft. Its softness is what’s also responsible for fewer breakages from occurring in the kitchen. The flooring is available in many patterns, size, and colors – round and diamond shaped designs are the most commonly available.

The fact that rubber flooring is hygienic makes it a safe choice for those suffering from allergies. It isn’t very slippery and provides insulation against both heat and cold. The flooring absorbs excessive noise.

Dalsouple, Nora, Expanko, and ACTIVA from Pirelli are some of the leading brands for rubber flooring.

Cost of rubber flooring

Recycled rubber flooring
Recycled rubber flooring. Photo courtesy of Marwan Bitar Co..

Excluding the cost of installation, rubber flooring is around $2 a square foot. The pattern, finish and thickness are some of the factors that decide the cost of the floor. Whether you’re getting recycled material or not is another determinant. The price is also manufacturer dependent. Where you get it – the retailer and the geographic location – would also influence how much the floor would cost you. The higher the quality, the more expensive the material is.

Typically, the life of rubber floor is 15 years and can go on up to 30 years even.

Tips for buying rubber flooring

1. If you’re getting rubber flooring, find out if it’s made from recycled rubber.

2. For kitchen flooring, you would want the floor to be resistant to moisture, stains and fire. Check if the material is appropriate before purchasing it.

3. Rubber flooring that has homogenous color distribution over the entire material is best as it doesn’t lose color and thus retains its look for a longer time.

4. In case the kitchen receives a lot of sunlight, you would need a specially treated rubber flooring to ensure that excess heat doesn’t damage the floor.

5. The right kind of rubber floor can also be used on an underlying floor that has heating elements.

6. You could get rubber flooring either as sheets or as interlocking tiles. The advantage of using tiles is that you can get unique patterns and it’s also easier to install. Repairs are easier with tiles. The seams are also not very obvious if you choose the right kind of design.

7. With a sheet, you get a seamless look and can also use it over a bigger area. A marble appearance would look great on such rubber sheet flooring.

8. Ask if the manufacturer can alter the color of the floor to be in sync with the ambience of the kitchen.

9. Look for samples as this would give a feel of the product.

Installation of rubber flooring

The underlying floor can be bare or could be another pre-existing floor. But it must be prepared before laying the rubber floor.

If you would like a DIY floor laying project, then get interlocking rubber tiles as your job would become easier. No adhesive is required in this case and you just have to lay the pre-cut tiles.

A moisture resistant layer must be installed before laying the floor. The floor should also be coated with a sealing agent as this would enhance the life of the rubber flooring.

Don’t experiment when you’re laying the floor. You must follow the maker’s instructions and in case you think you cannot do it yourself, call a professional.

Maintenance of rubber flooring

Again, the golden rule is that you must heed to what the manufacturer says about how to clean the rubber flooring. You would not be eligible for the warranty if you don’t do what you’re asked to, making all the more sense for you to do exactly as recommended.

Don’t use any hard materials as this could scratch and hence ruin the surface. Just vacuuming and mopping will do.

You may need to polish the floor regularly to ensure that it doesn’t lose its sheen.

How to get the best price on a rubber flooring

Amazon and BuildDirect appear to be some of the best places to buy the rubber flooring from (sponsored links). Besides the best prices, Amazon’s customer friendly policies make buying from them a pleasure.

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  1. Hi, I have a charcoal coloured matt finish recycled rubber floor. Without me knowing some kids decided to do some dance moves on it and have left marks which I don’t seem to be able to remove. The marks (some of them fairly long) appear shiny and black on the matt charcoal coloured floor. I thought these were ordinary scuff marks but am now wondering if shoes skidding over the floor have actually burnished the surface causing the change of appearance. I’m concerned that if that’s the case then they can’t be lifted off as it is actually the floor surface which has altered rather than a rubber mark lying on the floor. Is that possible? And do you have any advice about how to return the floor to its original condition? Thanks, Rob

  2. I am sorry, Rob, but I think I couldn’t help in your case from here. The reasons may be of all kinds… the quality of the recycled rubber floor, ordinary scuff marks, etc. It’s a little strange that the kids will cause these marks… marks that you are not able to remove at all.



  3. Good morning,

    I stay with two elderly people one has rheumatoid arthritis and I would like to know if the material has no allergy trigger factors. And do you install in Soweto?

  4. Hi Zee,

    It would be best if you ask the manufacturer of the flooring you are interested in. We do not do installations.



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