Butcher Block Kitchen Islands Review

Butcher block kitchen island

An essential feature of most modern kitchens are butcher block kitchen islands. Usually made from the sturdy and long lasting maple, butcher blocks last a long time. They are mainly used as cutting and chopping boards hence the name butcher block islands. These come in a variety of designs and sizes.

One of the major advantages of having a butcher block island in your kitchen is that it will ensure that you have enough workplace. With apartments getting smaller and kitchens even tinier, it is quite a task to have ample room for everything and this is where the importance of having a butcher block increases. So, from now stop trying to make space, just go get yourself a gorgeous island and cook it up!

Movable butcher block kitchen island with drawer and shelf
Movable butcher block kitchen island with drawer and shelf. Photo courtesy of Exmoor Furniture

Choosing the right butcher block kitchen island will involve a lot of considerations. Let’s have a look:

1. Price: Since they have almost become a household item, butcher block kitchen islands are not as costly as they used to be when they had just entered the market. Based on the size and the wood used, you can get one easily according to your budget needs.

2. Design: Pay attention to the design of the butcher block kitchen island because sometimes that can make all the difference. Go in for something that would suit the needs of your kitchen rather than one which just looks good. But the good part is that since it’s made from wood, there is not so much chance of going wrong with any kind. Again a note of caution, the wood will determine both the quality and the look. Apart from the kind of wood used the finish too can vary so there are many which come with a glossy finish while others have a more natural, rugged feel to them.

3. Blend: So before you pick one think whether you want the butcher block island to blend in with the rest of the kitchen or stand out in contrast to other things or simply be in sync. This will make your task much easier. So if you want it to blend in with other things then choose the same shade of wood as used elsewhere. But ensure that if at all there is minimal difference in the shade so that it does not clash.

If you want the butcher block kitchen island to stand out on its own then it would work if the kitchen otherwise is of stainless steel. Thus the wooden island would be the distinguishing feature of the kitchen. If you prefer this to just be in sync with other stuff but not entirely blend in just go for a contrasting shade of wood for the island. Something that is clearly distinct from the other but not hitting the eye.

4. Movable: Another great feature of these kitchen islands is that they are movable in case you choose ones with wheels. But all butcher block kitchen islands do not come with wheels, so figure out which type you would want. If there is room inside the kitchen then a movable one is a better idea. However, for a smallish kitchen, a stable one might do the trick.

5. With storage: The main feature of kitchen butcher block island might be touted as providing a lot of space for cutting and chopping but it can also be extremely useful for storage purposes. So, instead of buying one which is simply a block of wood, invest in one which also has cabinets and drawers where you can house your kitchen equipment. And most of these do not even come at any extra price!

6. Measurements: One thing I want to add (which might seem elementary to most people but is astonishingly missed out by many) is — please always measure your kitchen or the area where you want to fit the butcher block kitchen island. Do not trust your instinct in this case because it can go horribly wrong with either a gigantic island which takes up all the kitchen space or a tiny one which looks ordinary. While measuring, add a few extra inches for walking space all around.

A good idea is to get a butcher block kitchen island which is compatible with your height. Standardized sizes are mostly good but if you are getting one custom-made why not take your comfort into consideration!

Butcher block kitchen islands are easy to maintain and care for. One important thing to remember is that a coat of food-safe oil needs to be put ever so often. It goes inside the pores of the wooden block and protects it.

Order your butcher block kitchen island online

Amazon appears to be one of the best places to buy the butcher block kitchen island from (sponsored link). Besides the best prices, their customer friendly policies make buying from them a pleasure. However, if you need to see and feel the butcher block island before you buy it, you will need to go to one of the big furniture stores to get the first-hand experience.

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