Tips For Keeping Your Oven Squeaky Clean

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In every home the oven is one of the most used pieces of equipment, but on the same time can be the most strenuous to look after. With moves in technology in the kitchen we see modern items like fridges with many different gadgets in built, but your oven will not have advanced too much – and will definitely be the one which gives you the most sleepless nights when it comes to its maintenance!

There are a few options for keeping your oven squeaky clean however the only way to find out the best for you is through trial and error, I advise you to try all, and from now on forget about that strenuous spring clean of your oven. In this article I intend to give you a few useful tips that will ensure you keep your oven in tip top condition all year round.

Baking soda is a great choice

Even with the huge improvements over the years there are still not too many different types of cleaning products available for our ovens – but one of the most simple, yet also the most useful of all is baking soda.

Simply buy a plastic spray bottle for your baking soda, any will do, then all you need to do is add 3 table spoons of baking soda and top it up with water. Ensure your oven is cold when you are going to take on this process and shake the bottle well to make sure all the soda is dissolved into the water.

To clean, just spray this liquid all over your oven including the glass door – and leave the solution to work- do not wipe it off, you can continue with this process for a few days, twice a day if needed. You will be able to cook while completing the cleaning, however make sure you let your oven cool right down again afterwards.

When you cook your oven will be prevented from letting the carbon collect within the inside of your oven, instead the soda will make it run and form as a powder at the bottom of your oven allowing you to wipe this off with ease.

Regular cleaning is the key

Don’t expect your oven to look after itself for most of the year and not expect it to be an all-day chore when it does come to the big spring clean.

It’s pretty simple the more you clean your oven, the better condition it will stay in. If you clean your oven once a year or only a couple of times, you will probably realize that everything you cook smells like something you burnt, this will be because it is completely covered in carbon.

So take precautions and clean regularly – you won’t be having nightmares about that dreadful day of cleaning your oven, and you’ll save yourself plenty of time. After all you wouldn’t leave any other part of your home to a once a year clean so why do it with you oven?

If you think about it in theory your oven is one of the most used and in essence biggest germ building places in your kitchen, so you really cannot afford to let it get in a bad way, as not only you but the rest of your family have to deal with the consequences.

Time for an update?

Has your oven seen its best days now? If so I would strongly advise an upgrade as your probably never going to see a beautifully clean oven ever again, well without hours and hours of scrubbing.

With technology improving every day, one of the latest crazies has to be the self-cleaning oven, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone. This great creation saves so much time and money in the long run as from now on you don’t have to worry about the big clean, as your oven will do it for you every time you use it – What more could you want?

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst who writes helpful guides and tips for Eurofit Direct on their blog.

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