Kitchen Design Trends Of 2014

Mosaic backsplash
Mosaic backsplash. Photo courtesy of

We’re approaching the end of 2014 but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some inspiring, innovative design trends you can still make the most of when designing your current or newly installed kitchen space.

We’ve been blessed with some truly wonderful design trends this year with non-traditional lighting, natural materials and sleek hardware designs all playing a pivotal role, so take a look at these outstanding examples and give your kitchen the facelift it’s after before the family arrive for Christmas dinner!

Brass, gold and black

Standard kitchen metals have been overhauled this year by some truly inspiring designs that have integrated warmer metals into the picture. Expect to see various shades of graphite and iron playing an important role in the atmospheric aspects of your kitchen along with distinct shades of black coating the hardware.

These warm metallic and distinctive hardware trends are growing in popularity and are often complimented by statement hoods, which work really well among these material combinations and finishes. What’s more, you can turn your back on the standard chrome, nickel and stainless steel materials for something with a little more warmth; an excellent prospect for the upcoming winter months.

Natural raw materials

Who doesn’t like a bit of rustic warmth during the Christmas period? This is exactly what you’re getting from the raw material designs that continue to dominate leading kitchen trend ideas. Throughout 2014 people have been embracing natural raw materials, so any new kitchen installation you come across is likely to incorporate some exposed brickwork, a few exposed beams, wooden planks, concrete and the like.

Any newly constructed or renovated space keeps that industrial warmth when brick veneers are left alone. What’s more, there’s plenty of scope available should you wish to carry out a quick DIY job and have your kitchen looking a little more rustic in time for Christmas. Open shelving using reclaimed wood or planks of some kind proves to be a particularly popular DIY design trend.


So there’s more space to work with in kitchens nowadays…but the question is what do we do with all that extra wall space? Many stoves and cooker hoods are left exposed as a result of the free space, so backsplashes have proven to be excellent method of bringing some unique natural design trends to the table.

2014 in particular has seen an abundance of kitchen backsplashes as designers look to create some wonderfully artistic finishes to complement their marble or limestone walls. The work of art comes from the natural veining you tend to get with marble and other forms of natural stone.

Sconce lighting

We’ve packed our kitchens with shelves and cabinets and left little for the imagination when it comes to lighting ideas in the past, so sconce lighting has been resurrected in 2014 and it’s proven to be a big hit. Under-cabinet lighting is losing its necessity and sconce lighting provides you with efficient flexibility with adjustable arm designs available.

Adjustable sconces from walls let you direct the light where it’s needed, so whether you’re chopping some home grown vegetables for Christmas dinner or sitting down at your rustic country table to read the newspaper, never has there been such a pragmatic approach to kitchen lighting.

Sconce lighting goes really well with the other two trends we’ve already mentioned, so if you can get hold of some brass, gold or black fixtures, there are very few kitchen designs that compliment sconce lighting as well.

Cabinets built-In

Making the most of space has been something that many kitchen design trends have looked to comply with in recent years and there’s no doubt built-in cabinetry gives you the chance to create an appealing interior design and promote effective use of space.
While it’s a relatively new trend, we’ve seen cabinets flanking stoves, standing on either ends of kitchen counters and completing a run of cabinetry, so they’re certainly a regular fixture in today’s world.

They stand out because they tend to have contrasting and expansive color themes and styles, with the level of detail outweighing other simpler cabinet doors found in the same kitchen. The tall, narrow design means they can be situated anywhere in your kitchen to enhance freedom of space and still give you that storage capacity that you’re after.

Mike James is a passionate foodie with a young family and he spends a great deal of time in the kitchen. With a background in interior design he is also always on the look-out for new design trends and writes about his finds for Price Kitchens, a family run kitchen manufacturer.

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