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DI ORO seamless series 3-piece silicone spatula set

When you decide to buy a wok, it means that you also need spatulas. A spatula is one of the cooking utensils that is usually used to take food from the pan, stir it, and can also be used to decorate cakes. Despite its numerous uses, spatulas are now made of various materials.

Wok spatula

Material differences in the spatula also make a difference in the use of each of these spatulas. So, to avoid mistakes in using a spatula, it would be better before cooking you find out first what type of spatula will be used for a wok. Here is the guide to choose the best wok spatula. And also list some best-quality spatula that you can use while cooking with a wok.

How to choose the best best wok spatula?

Choosing the best wok spatula is very important just in case you want to prepare your dish easily and quickly. Somehow, the spatula that you can choose also depends on the material used. Consider these following things when choosing a wok spatula:

  • Choose the spatula according to your wok material. For instance, you should not choose an iron spatula if you use stainless steel or hand hammered carbon steel wok. You should choose a wooden spatula or bamboo spatula.
  • Make sure that the handle of the spatula is covered by a thick rubber material to avoid heat distribution during cooking.
  • Do not use a plastic spatula for frying because the spatula may melt. Stainless steel spatula is better for frying.
  • Choose a spatula that you can easily clean after using it.
  • Choose the right spatula that may come with various functions.
  • The length of the spatula is one of the important facts. Choose the right size that will match with your wok size and cooking space.

OXO 1058020 wooden turner for nonstick cookware

Made from wood, this spatula is already famous for its durability. Wooden spatulas are more durable than other spatulas because the wood is thick and sturdy so it doesn’t break easily. Also, the wooden spatula has another advantage because wood does not conduct heat. So, this spatula will be very safe and comfortable when used for stirring food because it will not feel hot when held even though the temperature is high, especially if you use stainless steel wok.

The wooden spatula becomes the favorite choice because it is not sharp when used for cooking on stainless steel wok. The use of a wooden spatula while cooking will keep your pan smooth and durable because it won’t damage the surface of the pan. In addition, you can also use a wooden spatula as decoration to add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen.

However, since wood usually absorbs the aroma of food, you should really pay attention to how to clean this spatula. Wash the wooden spatula cleanly, dry the spatula, try to hang the spatula when it is dry, and avoid putting the spatula in a closed place so that fungus does not grow on the wooden spatula.

Norpro 7653 12-inch bamboo spatula for stainless steel wok

If you use stainless steel wok, it is important to choose the right wok spatula so that it will not damage your wok. An iron spatula is not a good choice for stainless steel wok, so we would recommend you to use Norpro 7653 12-inch bamboo spatula for stainless steel wok.

Basically, the bamboo spatula is just like a wooden spatula which is good for any kind of wok. The wooden spatula is sturdier than bamboo and a bit heavier than a bamboo spatula. If you prefer a lightweight spatula, this best bamboo wok spatula from Norpro is your choice.

It is also very safe to use bamboo spatula because it will not get heat when you use it for cooking. But, you also have to clean it correctly because the food leftover may be sticky on the spatula after you use it.

MOACC silicone spatula heat resistant non-stick flexible rubber

Silicone kitchen utensils are more resistant to heat, can even survive temperatures up to 315 degrees Celsius. Since silicone is similar to a wooden spatula, most homeowners prefer to buy silicon spatula. Many people begin to replace their plastic spatulas into silicone spatulas because they are soft, elastic, and not sticky so they won’t damage the surface of the pan. Silicone spatulas are also usually designed with a variety of attractive colors so that it will increase the enthusiasm for cooking.

MOACC silicone spatula is heat resistant and very safe for stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron wok. It also has a seamless design which really looks awesome. Even though it is made from silicone, this spatula is still designed with stainless steel inside in order to give every chef a good feeling of control. The handle is comfortable and it has a big hole so you can easily hang it on your kitchen rack.

MANNKITCHEN professional grade stainless steel spatula

The next wok spatula is MANNKITCHEN stainless steel spatula that can be used with any type of wok. This spatula is perfect for using different size wok as it comes with different sizes. Stainless steel spatulas are also safe to use for cooking hot food, so this type of spatula is often used for frying, reversing, and sautéing dishes.

If you are looking for best stainless steel wok spatula, you can choose this one. You will also definitely enjoy using this stainless steel spatula as a cooking tool because of its long durability. But, even though the durability is long, you should pay attention to how to use it. Stainless steel spatulas are not recommended for use in non-stick pans, because they will damage the surface of the pan.

Norpro nylon nonstick 13-inch slotted spatula

Nylon spatula withstands temperatures up to> 200 ° C. Even the heat from the pan will not distribute to our hands. The design is flexible and not easily broken. This spatula is easy to clean, durable, and does not absorb odors. But, you have to know that nylon spatula is quite expensive.

As you choose the Norpro nylon nonstick 13-inch slotted spatula that is really good for cooking and flipping eggs, burgers, omelet, pancakes, and much more. Nowadays, nylon spatula becomes the most favorite choice instead of silicon spatula because it also comes with a wide variety of colors. Not only that, but this spatula is also soft and comfortable on the hand.

In conclusion, those are some best wok spatulas available in the market. Basically, you can make your own spatula from wood if you do not want to spend some money on a spatula. However, selecting the right spatula will make your cooking easier with the wok. And selecting a healthy one is also important like wooden, bamboo, silicone or food-graded steel spatula.

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