Mistakes To Avoid While Grilling At A Tailgate

Parties or outings give more entertainment in a busy and monotonous life. Naturally, people plan to have parties whenever they get a chance to refresh themselves. And parties or outings without tailgate grilling often seem like something is missing, isn’t it?

In terms of tailgate grilling, people usually make some mistakes to avoid having safe food and danger free party. This article provides information about some major mistakes to avoid while grilling at a tailgate.

Mistakes to avoid while grilling at a tailgate

There are several mistakes people commit while grilling at a tailgate. To make the best tailgate grill, you have to follow some instructions. Here you will get to know about some mistakes to avoid while grilling at a tailgate:

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Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Dumping in the lighter fluid

While grilling at a tailgate, people mostly want to cook as early as possible so that they can enjoy the dish sooner. That is why they need the fire to go very high. One of the most useful ways to make the fire go higher is to add some fluid. But it is very much risky.

Fluids often provoke the fire to flash out highly or blast, which can cause serious injuries, significantly can harm your eyes. So, be careful. It never goes dumping in the lighter fluid. Instead, you can go for using charcoal. It’s safer.

Not choosing the right grill

Safe grilling at tailgate highly depends upon the right grill that you choose. If you choose charcoal as fluid, you must select a small and sturdy grill that is easily portable. For example, you can select Weber Q1000, one of the best gas grills for tailgating.

Never use any smoker. They are very much dangerous for tailgate grilling. Only the experienced persons who know the details about tailgate grilling can use a smoker. If you are a beginner, do not go for it then.

Serving undercooked meat

The food or the dish you will serve to the guests or any people, make sure it is safe for their health. If you grill any meat in the tailgate, you have to make sure that the meat is not undercooked. Instead, it is properly cooked and safe for health.

For that, you can keep your uncooked meat stored in a chilling in under 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and keep other cooked food separate from it.

Having unclean hands

It is one of the major mistakes people make while grilling at a tailgate. Unclean hands are unsafe for food. So, while cooking, you have to be very careful that your hands are clean. Because dealing with foods with dirty hands can easily cause more significant harm to people’s health.

Whether you are enjoying a party while cooking food or playing with others, please clean your hands while coming back to your cooking. You can use disposable hand gloves. Again, random hand sanitizer and hand washed you may keep by your side during cooking.

Using meat thermometer in an improper way

Using a meat thermometer is one of the best recommendations while cooking any food, especially when you grill something. Unfortunately, it can even make your food risky for your health. It depends upon how you are using this meat thermometer, whether correctly or improperly.

If you think that you will take off your food too early, you risk diseases. In opposition to that, if you take off your food very lately, you will run the risk out of your food. Never stick the thermometer in the middle of your food or top point; it will just provide inaccurate data.

Leaving the grill unattended

Never leave your grill unattended. Make sure that at least someone is looking after the grill while you are outside of it. Unfortunately, people mostly commit this mistake. It is a bad thing ever.

You can better appoint one grill master for looking after the food and the grill for the whole time. It has two benefits. One is it will save you from unwanted accidents and injuries. And the other is it will keep your foods from burning or overcooking.

Running out of fuel

For grilling or cooking, fuel is a must. So while you are making plans or preparations for outing and grilling at a tailgate, you need to care about fuel. Never forget about it. Without enough fuel, grilling will be difficult.

Grilling a slice of meat generally takes at least two hours or sometimes more than that to be grilled perfectly. If you arrange immediate fuel, it might not be sufficient for grilling for an extended period. As a result, your food will remain undercooked, which is more disgusting and dangerous to your health.

Remember to arrange enough fuel, some extra if possible, to get the perfect food for your party.


So, now you already know about the mistakes to avoid while grilling at a tailgate. If you plan for any outing or party where you need a tailgate grill, always remember these mistakes and avoid them. No matter how much the party is enjoyable, safety is the first thing to keep in mind. So, grill safe and eat safe.

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