Titanium Cookware – Choosing the Right Titanium Pots and Pans for Your Kitchen

T-fal E765SH Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick 17 Piece Cookware Set

Titanium cookware is non-stick cookware, and is a better choice over Teflon coated cookware. Although titanium has some properties of aluminum, it is tougher, rust-proof and does not form toxic salts by reacting with food, something that is common in aluminum cookware.

Titanium cookware also has the following benefits

  • While most lightweight cookware breaks and changes shape, titanium exhibits the contrary. Inspite of its light weight, it is strong. Aluminum is light and steel is tough, but titanium is both, light and tough, making it ideal for cooking, especially for those who have trouble using heavy utensils.
  • Titanium cookware is healthy and safe because it is non-porous and therefore food does not stick to it or react with it. You can therefore cook with less or no oil for a healthier waistline. You will also need less water. This is because the outsides of food chunks get sealed, making them retain water and cook in their own juices, leaving you with succulent chunks. Although water is good, it drains out nutrients and dilutes the natural flavor of the food. Good titanium cookware serves you with food that is non-toxic, healthy and tasty.
  • The non-stick and hard surface does not get scratched or dented. It is also easier to clean as no food sticks to it.
  • Due to its light weight and durability, titanium cookware is ideal for outdoor kitchens and rough outdoor activities such as camping.

Titanium cookware is available in a large variety, some of which are frying pans, skillet pans, saucepans, stockpots, grill pans and sauté pans. You can also purchase titanium cookware sets. The range of camping titanium cookware includes compact and light-handled cups and dishes. Some well known names in titanium cookware manufacturing are Scanpan, Eurolux, Anolon, WOLL and Evernew.

Titanium cookware buying tips

Titanium cookware set consisting of different pots and pans
Titanium cookware set consisting of different pots and pans

1. Heat is not evenly distributed in titanium cookware. To solve this problem, titanium utensils are manufactured with an aluminum layer inside or with an aluminum base, in order to prevent hot spots and distribute the heat evenly. Such cookware tends to be expensive, so if you are looking for cheaper cookware, choose titanium cookware that has a thicker base. This will ensure better distribution of heat and prevent warping, making it suitable even for ceramic top or glass top stoves.

2. Titanium cookware with glass or terra cotta lids has aesthetic value. While glass allows the food being cooked to be seen, terra cotta is ideal for serving on the dining table. Oven-proof lids enable you to use your cookware in the oven.

3. Selecting the right handles is very important. Cleaning becomes easier with cast handles, while detachable handles allow easy storage and enable you to use your titanium pan in the oven. Oven-proof handles and knobs would enable you to move your titanium cookware from the stove directly to the oven without having to transfer the contents into another container.

4. Some manufacturers such as Anolon subject the outer surface to additional processing whereby the outer surface is coated with a non-porous composite titanium layer, and the inner surface with a DuPont-certified non-stick coating. This increases the durability as well as the performance of titanium cookware.

5. Look for a ‘solid and liberal’ warranty given by the manufacturer. This means that if the titanium cookware breaks over a specified period of time, you will get a replacement for the same. Be careful to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines on using and cleaning the cookware to make the warranty effective.

6. Titanium cookware sets may come cheaper, but all the items included may not suit your cooking needs. You may end up with a piece or two that you may never use. On the other hand, putting together a set on your own may be expensive. The solution to this is to buy a basic set that comprises of useful items of daily use such as a saucepan, a sauté pan, roasting pan and a stock pot. Now, you can add the titanium cookware item of your choice to this set according to your budget, cooking requirements and lifestyle.

Using and maintaining titanium cookware

Avoid the build-up of fatty residue on the pan by washing it with warm soapy water while the pan is still warm. While most titanium cookware is dishwasher safe do not use the dishwasher to clean it unless specifically allowed by the manufacturer. Avoid the use of strong household solvents, steel wool or scouring pads.

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27 thoughts on “Titanium Cookware – Choosing the Right Titanium Pots and Pans for Your Kitchen”

  1. We are looking to replace our cookware set and this post has helped a lot. Great site keep up the good work.


  2. Just used my titanium frying pan for the first time this morning and I love it already! Scrambled eggs were beautifully cooked. I like mine moist and just cooked, no browning. They turned out just as I like them, so soft and moist! And clean up was a breeze as they say. Can’t wait to pan fry some fish tonight and enjoy the non-stick results.

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Someone showed me a “Salad maker” stainless steel titanium cookware set that is very, very expensive (a complete set is about $4,000+). Can I find a product as good as the “Salad maker”? I like the health benefits of using Titanium cookware, but I can’t afford that price! Have you heard about this product?

    They are not sold in stores.

    Best regards,


  4. What can you tell me about Saladmaster Titanium cookware? Is it worth the money to invest in?

  5. Hi There,

    Could you please inform me where to buy this titanium coated cookware and how to know about the best of them?

    Best wishes,


  6. Hi Rohit,

    Please read the material above carefully and you will find answers to your questions.



  7. Hello Ganka,

    For Denise Foote, if you’re within 200 miles of Oxnard, CA I’ll be glad to show you. No sales talk, just cooking so you could decide for yourself.

    And for Cris, have they showed you the ‘Starter Set’? It’s somewhere around $3000.00.

    Grrr8one in California

  8. I purchased a set of titanium cookware from Plasma Innovation Cookware 1.5 years ago, hoping that it would perform like the cookware described in this article. It didn’t. Despite my being extremely careful, one of my pots began showing nicks and flaking 3 months after I began using it. Another pan followed soon after. Moreover, when I contacted Plasma Innovation Cookware about the problem and their “customer-friendly guarantee”, they asked me to send in the defective goods. I sent it into them, but they refused to replace them with new products unless I paid them an additional $300. Plasma then sent my defective pots back to me without my authorization.

    Do your research when purchasing, stay away from Plasma Innovation Cookware, for both their products and their guarantee are flawed.

  9. We are talking of titanium also if the food doesn’t touch the titanium but a patented non-stick coating which contains Teflon or ceramic with other components that are unknown.
    I do not know pots made with only titanium and you?

  10. Hello Rosario,

    There probably are pots made of 100% Titanium BUT, it would probably cost a lot of money to own a set.

    There are pots made of 100% top grade stainless steel BLENDED with titanium which are quite popular and I believe these are the ones you should be looking for.

    Titanium blended cookwares are the safest cookwares because titanium are known to be non-porous, non-reactive and non-toxic. Titanium is being use in the medical/surgical field mainly because of these 3 reasons (i.e., scalpel, needle holders, tweezers, scissors, etc.) not to mention being used as implants (in certain instances) in the human body.

    The danger of Teflon coated cookwares and other ‘non-stick’ surfaces is when it exceeds temperatures due to continuous exposure to heat then the coating breaks apart and emits toxic particles and gases linked to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pet bird deaths and an unknown number of human illnesses each year, according to tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG).

    I am not sure what you meant about ‘food doesn’t touch the titanium’, but in titanium blended cookwares, it is the titanium that’s ‘touching’ the food because, as mentioned earlier, titanium is non-porous, non-reactive and non-toxic.

    I hope this helps.

  11. I too had difficulty with my titanium pots scratching after a short time of use. The customer friendly service were not helpful at all and did not stand behind their warranty. In fact they wanted me to pay an additional $300.00 and buy a scouring pad for $20.00. I have been asked to be removed from their mailing list as I will never buy another one of those pots again.
    They stick, they are scrapped and they cost approximately $800.00 to purchase.

  12. Do Not Buy Titanium from PLASMA INNOVATION COOKWARE!! I bought a pan (which cost almost $300) from them and after 6 months it lost its non-stick properties even though I properly cleaned it. The warranty was supposed to be for 20 years! When I contacted the company they refused to refund/replace it. Very bad customer service and they do not stand behind their warranty. I have seen numerous bad reviews about this company on-line… I just wish I did my research before. I don’t know how a company like this stays in business with such a bad product. It’s no wonder they don’t sell in stores… the returns would be overwhelming. They shouldn’t be allowed to sell this product! They are scamming their customers!

  13. I am looking to buy some titanium pots/pans and wonder if anyone has had any feedback from the products sold by Titanium Exclusive Cookware out of Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

  14. This message is for Eileen. We purchased titanium exclusive cookware in 2002 under the assumption it would be the last cookware we would ever need well we are disappointed. The cookware surface started to flake and we are reluctant to use for fear it is toxic. Some of the cookware is still OK as they are the pieces that get used less often.

    The warranty is such that after five years it will only cover part of the cost which in our case is nothing.

  15. Caveat emptor: titanium or not, if the specs do not specifically say “No PTFE or PFOA” then the non-stick surface of the pan is most likely Teflon. I had two WOLL nowo titanium pans in a shopping cart on amazon for a total of $275. I decided to continue my research for a couple more days before buying. I returned to WOLL’s website and clicked “features” when I noticed an illustration of the layers of the pans. Beginning with the inside layer (the part that touches your food)… layer 1: hardened non-stick utility coating (made of what?); layer 2: intermediate coating (again, of what?); layer 3: titanium base coating; layer 4: aluminum (bottom). I really don’t see the point of the titanium if it’s three layers down, not to mention that reviews I’ve read thus far indicate that layer 1 will begin flaking anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, then bingo… your food will stick to that next mystery layer. I am truly bummed because I thought I’d found the holy grail of prosumer cookware :-(.

  16. Hi Laopengyou,

    Please have complete confidence in WOLL cookware… some of the highest quality cookware brands.



  17. Titanium cookware looks like a very good alternative to Teflon cookware. I like the idea of cooking with less oil/fats. I don’t own any Titanium cookware but as I replace my Teflon this will be my first choice. Thanks for the great article.

  18. As people discovered the “biophilic metal” properties of the new material titanium, titanium, as a “new element” in daily necessities, has been kneaded into the “cake” of daily necessities combined with various materials and utensils, and has titanium cups and pots, titanium kitchen utensils, titanium tea sets and other products that are closely related to daily necessities.

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