Wood Kitchen Cabinets Review

Wood kitchen cabinets
Wood kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of Kitchencabinetmart.com

Wood kitchen cabinets should be considered the perfect blend of form and function. Not only do you have the durability and solid construction of wood, but you have its beauty, warmth and elegance as well.

There are many different types of woods to choose from including hard woods such as ash, oak and maple, and softer woods such as walnut and cherry. Each wood type has its pros and cons, including the price that you can expect to pay for it and the best ways to use them. In addition to the woods listed, there are other choices including less common woods such as birch, hickory, pine, beech and the exotics such as mahogany and ebony.

Wood kitchen cabinet costs

While additional features like bins, drawers, baskets, a Lazy Susan or specially ordered hardware types can drive up the cost of your wood kitchen cabinets, some woods just cost more from the start than others. Pine is one of the least expensive wood types in most cases while maple and oak tend to be moderately priced. Walnut and cherry, especially high grade cherry, can be more expensive and the exotic woods such as mahogany and ebony are the most expensive of all.

The fewer blemishes or imperfections that a wood has, the more expensive it will be as well. This is true, even for the lower end woods like pine. A pine cabinet with no blemishes and even color will cost more than one that has knot holes or color variations.

Tips for buying wood kitchen cabinets

1. Real wood kitchen cabinets are great because they are strong and last for many years, but they also raise the property value of your home. If you have a kitchen that has MDF products such as engineered wood, particle board and fiber board, they typically do not withstand the regular wear and tear in the kitchen.

2. You must also decide between softwood or hardwood. Typically, hardwoods are preferable for kitchen cupboards and it is advisable that you opt for that. Hardwoods such as walnut, oak, ash, cherry, mahogany and maple offer longevity and durability.

3. Though custom built wood cabinets may be pricier, they are built to fit into your kitchen. They are unique. On the other hand readymade wood kitchen cabinets may not fit the unique design of your kitchen, more so if you had an odd shaped kitchen.

4. Another option to consider with your wood kitchen cabinets is ready to assemble. Not only will you save money, you will also save on the shipping and handling fees as well. Wood cabinets that come in pieces rather than already assembled may sustain less damage during transit as well. Moreover, if you are a do-it-yourself type of person, then you will enjoy the installation work. If you are not handy, though, you can have your RTA cabinets installed by professionals and still be ahead.

5. Choose a wood that suits your taste and style, and one that will allow you to enjoy your kitchen for many years. For a light look, opt for woods like beech, ash, oak, birch, chestnut or maple. For a distinct grain pattern choose woods such as walnut, hickory, oak or ash. Choose woods like cheery or maple if you want a more even structure.

6. It is advisable that you look at samples before you decide what type of wood to go in for. Some of the chief manufacturers of wood kitchen cabinets are: Kraftmaid, Merillat, Thomasville and Artistokraft.

7. Woods of different types can mix together beautifully and are often used in combination for decorating effect. You could use a cheaper wood for the main cabinet and then punch up its appearance with accents and other touches of higher end woods.

8. If your intention is to paint your wood kitchen cabinets as soon as they are installed, then it is perfectly sensible to opt for the lower cost wood varieties rather than the higher end. After all, what is the sense in buying a beautiful cherry cabinet if you are only going to paint it white? If, however you use an expensive wood, use a stain as it will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and will give your kitchen a classic feel and look.

9. Order wood kitchen cabinets online: The Internet is a great option not just for online stores but also for major warehouses and retailers whose websites will contain details of models and prices. TheRTAStore.com is one of these websites offering wood kitchen cabinets online (sponsored link).

Caring for wood kitchen cabinets

Use a soft cloth, some hot water and a mild soap to clean your wood kitchen cabinetry. However, make sure not to leave any water behind on the wooden surface. If not wiped quickly, over time, too much of water can cause damage to your finish.

At regular intervals and in between washes, it is a good idea to clean your wood kitchen cabinets with a good furniture polish. Avoid using any harsh chemicals or any type of liquids that have acetone on your wood kitchen cabinets. The chemicals present can discolor and even damage your cabinets.

It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions (if any) for maintenance and cleaning of your kitchen wood cabinets.

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  2. The most fun – is to think about style. Chances are, you’ve seen kitchen cabinets that you like, in magazines, friends’ homes, etc. The first question to ask is whether the style you like best will fit with your home. You may have loved European kitchen cabinets in the magazine, but they might not look as good in your Queen Anne Victorian.

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