IKEA Kitchen Cabinets – Cost, Buying Tips, Assembling and Installing

IKEA kitchen cabinets
IKEA kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of Remodelista.com

Having IKEA kitchen cabinets in your house can be a perfect idea. IKEA kitchen cabinets are available in a wide range of designs and styles. They are affordable in the sense that prices are reasonable compared to other kitchen cabinets. They are also of good in quality and reliable. IKEA kitchen cabinets are flat-packed and easy to transport. They are also easy to assemble and require no special tools.

IKEA kitchen cabinets cost

You can get IKEA kitchen cabinets in a wide price range so as to suit your budget. IKEA kitchen cabinets cost varies depending on their materials, size and designs. You can browse and see IKEA kitchen cabinetry on the website also. You can compare the prices and the different features the cabinets have.

Assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets

Assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets is very easy and does not need any special tool. However, stores offer assembling services. An insured IKEA cabinet installer will charge some amount of money per cabinet. IKEA certified kitchen installers would come to your house and install IKEA kitchen cabinets. Please check the rates while availing the services.

If you are assembling IKEA kitchen cabinets by yourself, first read the instruction manual you get with the IKEA cabinets. Then organize a place where you will have enough space to work, but plan to assemble the cabinets close to your kitchen so that you can move your cabinets to your kitchen easily.

Each IKEA cabinet will have some simple tools that may be required for assembly. Follow the instructions printed on the manual. Position the screws and cam locks as per the manual and use a large screwdriver to lock the cams. After assembling each cabinet, check again to ensure that all cabinets are assembled properly. Then put-in-place the cabinet cases as per the instructions. In the end, assemble the drawer and door fronts and make adjustments.

Installing IKEA kitchen cabinets

Installing IKEA kitchen cupboards also does not need any special expertise and you can install by yourselves or with the help of your family/friends. But you can avail the services of an insured certified kitchen cabinet installer. They come and install cabinets at your home. The services are affordable. Floor installation service is charged on a per square foot basis. Check the rate before you avail the installation services.

IKEA kitchen cabinets buying tips

Rich dark brown IKEA kitchen cabinets in a modern-style kitchen
Rich dark brown IKEA kitchen cabinets in a modern-style kitchen. Photo courtesy of Green-kitchen-cabinets.net.

1. Before you buy IKEA kitchen cabinets, know the measurement of your kitchen space. Draw a diagram of the height, width and depth of the space where you will place your cabinets. Do not take a rough idea of the measurement. Take the measurement of the kitchen space in millimeters for accuracy and do it twice to ensure that the measurement you have taken is correct. Accordingly look for cabinets that will fit in your kitchen.

2. Do some research on the IKEA website to know what types of IKEA kitchen cabinets are available and what will they cost. Compare the materials, styles and features and go for cabinets that meet your requirements. IKEA kitchen cabinets are available in wood, metal and polymer. Check the quality of hardware used in the cabinets.

3. Also, do not assume your kitchen appliances will fit in the new IKEA kitchen cabinets. Kitchen appliances differ in size and shape. So make sure that your appliances will be accommodated in the cabinets you buy.

4. There are options in selecting the color of IKEA kitchen cabinets also. There are kitchen cabinets in red, green, black, cream and many other colors. You can select color keeping in mind the color of your kitchen tiles and walls.

5. While buying IKEA kitchen cabinet, know about the guarantee and whether you can exchange the cabinets or not in case they do not fit. Most of the stores allow exchange if you are not satisfied with the kitchen cabinets you have bought. A receipt is required for all returns and exchanges.

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  1. Interesting article! Thank you for sharing information on IKEA kitchen cabinets. Keep up the great site…

  2. California law requires that IKEA kitchen cabinet installers be CA. STATE Licensed (possessing a contractor’s license) in addition to only being insured or certified. In California, anyone who contracts to perform work on a project that is valued at $500 or more for labor and materials must hold a current, valid license from the CSLB. You can verify the license on-line or call 1-800-321-CSLB (2752). Verify this by copy and pasting this link below: https://www.cslb.ca.gov/Consumers/Hire_A_Contractor/What_Kind_Of_Contractor.aspx

    Many clients and homeowners choose the services of unlicensed handyman type laborers to get cheap labor and then down the road wonder why their cabinetry is not flush, misaligned, or experience many problems with the installation and worse like the laborer becoming injured on their property and later sued! BE SMART – HIRE LICENSED CONTRACTORS ONLY!

  3. The IKEA in Seattle uses Signature Services Group and they were AMAZING. Fast, curious and affordable. Even after the cost of assembly the IKEA kitchen was much cheaper than any other option, and I got exactly the look I was after.

    Highly recommend both IKEA kitchens and Signature Service Group.

  4. That is a beautiful kitchen but that is definitely not an IKEA kitchen. Wish it was – those rounded cabs are gorgeous.

  5. Very informative and useful content, Ganka! You have explained this information about IKEA cabinets in a very great way. Thanks for helping.

  6. Dean (Installation Solutions)

    Great article. I always tell my clients to do a bit of research before deciding on a kitchen. Sometimes just measuring the space can help a great deal and give people a better understanding of the space they have to work with.

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