Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas For A Beautiful Tuscany Style Kitchen

Tuscan kitchen design
Tuscan kitchen design. Photo courtesy of Suwalls.com

The Tuscan kitchen design is basically inspired by Italian forms and designs. A lot many stone counters, rough textured and ceramic tiles, wooden furniture and bright, cheerful ambience are used in Tuscan style kitchen design. The countertops of these kitchen designs are generally tiled to provide a large area for preparing the food. In fact tiled countertops give the kitchen a traditional look as well. Usually the floors of these kitchens are also tiled. These kitchens have small picture windows which make the kitchen a wonderful place where you can eat your favorite food and enjoy preparing meals at any time of the day.

There are a few things that will help you in bringing a spark to your Tuscan style kitchen design and making it more appealing. A few factors that would improve the looks of your Tuscan kitchen design are listed below:


Tuscan style kitchen design - oak cabinets in combination with stone counters, backsplashes and floor. There is also a beautiful oak table, chandeliers and a lot of green
Tuscan style kitchen design – oak cabinets in combination with stone counters, backsplashes and floor. There is also a beautiful oak table, chandeliers and a lot of green. Photo courtesy of Rob Sanders Designer

A Tuscan kitchen design reflects an Old Italian sunny countryside. It reflects a lot of sunshine by using colors like yellow, orange and shades of white. There is also a hint of lavender and mild greens which make the viewers dream about the meadows which are full of wild flowers. Dark woody shades are also used which show the growth of grape vines, oaks and olive trees. The purple and the red color are also used in a Tuscan kitchen design to evoke the wine which is an important part of this region.


A Tuscan style kitchen design uses a lot many contrasts and textures. In Tuscan kitchens, lime washed or rough stucco walls are made which very well complement the sleek ceramic tile borders, polished stone countertops and backsplashes. Large and dark colored wooden beams are also placed in these kitchens. The beams can be original, decorative or bordered with a stencil as well.

Decoration material

In a Tuscan kitchen design, generally natural elements are used for decorations that resemble an Italian countryside. Natural stones, pine or oak play a great role in giving it a desired look. The commonly used decoration elements include:

1. Tiles – tiles are an important part of a Tuscan kitchen design. Both ceramic and clay tiles can be used. The textures of the tiles that can be used include a variety of textures like rough and irregular tiles; polished or glazed tiles, with Italian designs and terracotta clay tiles. All these types of tiles can be used for flooring, covering the countertops and backsplashes.

2. Wooden beams – the wooden beams used can be original or decorative as well. The beams placed should give an authentic look of original oak beams.

3. Natural stones – natural stones include marble and granite which give a stylish look and make the countertops durable as well. They can be used for flooring as well.

Furniture and appliances

Large pine and oak furniture which is a carved motif of wheat, animals and olives is generally preferred in a Tuscan kitchen design. A table is the central thing in this kitchen. The table can be formed with a large plank of wood, which is quite similar to one’s in Italian farmhouses. The seating can be in a form of bench or wooden chairs with caned seats. The appliances can include the modern appliances which come in a stainless and sleek finish.


The Tuscan kitchen design should be accessorized in a manner that it gives a cozy and family like appeal. Traditional accessories like lemon bowls, woven garlic stands, woven baskets or brightly painted Italian pottery should be placed in a Tuscan style kitchen design.

The lighting should be bright to create a sunlight effect. Different styles of lighting can be used in this kitchen.

A Tuscan kitchen design will add spark to your home and make it very lively. To get the best Tuscan style kitchen, carefully take care of the above mentioned elements.

So re-model your kitchen today and get a Tuscany style kitchen for your home.

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