Italian Kitchen Design Ideas For A Beautiful Italian Style Kitchen

Italian kitchen design
Italian kitchen design. Photo courtesy of

People getting quite fond of the Italian kitchen designs, is a growing trend. And why not, after all Italian kitchen designs are known to be one of the coolest kitchen designs as they are very suitable for small as well as big kitchens. Primarily, the innovative design and the sleek looks have brought popularity for these Italian kitchen designs.

If you are planning to opt for an Italian kitchen design for your kitchen, then you should start remodeling your kitchen by buying an Italian kitchen cabinet. A kitchen cabinet is the most outstanding part of the kitchen and it helps a lot in getting the feel of an Italian kitchen design.

Before you start the mission of re-designing your existing kitchen to an Italian kitchen, you should always remember that the conventional kind of Italian kitchen designs had a unique “rustic feel”. The Italian kitchen designs are generally not considered to be very comfortable and inviting, but they do have an essence of some outdoor elements as well. In an Italian kitchen, things like terracotta, some natural accessories and stones fit in quite well.

There are a few things that play an important role in getting the actual feel of the Italian kitchen. The things that help in bringing this feel of an Italian kitchen are:


Traditional Italian kitchen design - wood cabinets in combination with stone counters, stone backsplashes and stainless steel appliances. There is also a large chandelier over the island
Traditional Italian kitchen design – wood cabinets in combination with stone counters, stone backsplashes and stainless steel appliances. There is also a large chandelier over the island. Photo courtesy of Allen Brinkley Products

If you have a small size kitchen then you should emphasize more on utilizing the available space rather than painting your cabinets in deep colors like burgundies and dark oranges. This is because a dark color cabinet will make the kitchen look even smaller in size, because the dark shades will absorb the light rather than spreading it. So, it is better that you opt for lighter shades with warm hues. If someone is planning to bring a rustic feel to the kitchen cabinet, then he/she should pick color in gold and yellow tones.

If you wish to get a Mediterranean appearance then you can do it by replacing the handles, pulls or knobs of the cabinets and drawer accordingly. For bringing the real rustic look… opt for some brass handles. If you want to bring a contemporary look then go for a simple design that can merge well with the ornamented brass handles.

Furniture in an Italian kitchen design

The Italian kitchen designs are just unfinished without the furniture that will suit the theme. It should always be kept in mind that a kitchen forms the center of the home and should be spacious enough to accommodate a few people. You can place a few benches instead of chairs and two huge chairs on the two ends of the table to give it a cozy look.


The Italian kitchen designs generally feature the outdoors, so it is favorable to use the natural materials to cover the floor. It is good to choose ceramic tiles with natural colors or terracotta on the floor. To give your Italian kitchen an aesthetic look you should opt for hardwood floorings.

Kitchen lighting

Apart from the kitchen cabinets, the kitchen lighting accessories also play a vital role in giving it an authentic look. You should opt for brass chandeliers, which can be easily found in antique shops or thrift stores. If you fail to get the brass lighting accessories, then you can spray golden color paint upon frames of your existing chandelier. You can then use a brush with bristles to apply dark brown color on the golden paint to bring the antique look in your kitchen.

The above-mentioned things play an important role in enhancing the looks of your Italian kitchen design. In fact by using these accessories in an appropriate manner you can even create a unique and special look for your kitchen. So, redesign your kitchen today using the Italian kitchen designs and make it the most special place of your home.

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