White Kitchen Design Ideas

White kitchen design
White kitchen design. Photo courtesy of Homestratosphere.com

A kitchen is amongst the most special places of a house. Once you enter the kitchen you should get the feeling of positivity and gleam. For making the kitchen atmosphere positive and lively, it is important for you to choose the perfect color for your kitchen. Colors speak a language of their own — they can make you happy and they can make you sad. Colors keep coming and going in trend and popularity. Colors are even subjected to a person’s individual taste and preferences.

But in this rush of colors there are a few colors that always live up. Similarly, the color white has stood up in the test of time since ages and till date the white kitchen design is known as one of the most classic kitchen designs. Unlike the old color trends of the 1970s like the gold and avocado, white still manages to stand out and never looks outdated. As such opting for a white kitchen design is a very intelligent decision. Kitchens are very expensive and a white kitchen design is always an investment that would last for years together as it will never go out of fashion.

Modern white kitchen design
Modern white kitchen design. Photo courtesy of Batamhousing.com

White kitchen design vs. white

Many people feel opting for a completely white kitchen design is not a good idea. But there are ways in which you can make changes in a white kitchen design. The first thing that you can do to bring a change in the white kitchen design is by changing the colors of the kitchen cabinets. You can use different color of kitchen cabinets that match well with white color.

As such, today white color does not mean purely white. There are white kitchen cabinets that will range in various tones of white. These colors range from extremely pure white to antique style white color. Although both the tones look quite fresh and current, but each one has its own unique appeal. A kitchen with pure white cabinets gives a particular white kitchen design, which creates a vintage kitchen appeal.

On the other hand, if pure white cabinets are designed using craftsman kind of frames, it gives a very different look and provides uniqueness. Another idea is to use old-fashioned cup-shaped pulls for the drawers. To create the best combination of a white kitchen design you should cover the countertops with pure white marble. A marble countertop will make your white kitchen design perfect.

White kitchen design vs. color

A few people might find that a completely white kitchen design is a bit boring and lifeless. But there are ways to add life to an existing pure white kitchen design. For example if you have a pure white kitchen with a white color kitchen island then what you can do is replace the existing white island with a wooden cabinet or rather paint the existing island using a bright color.

Today’s white kitchen designs are characterized by detailing. The latest white kitchen cabinets have lot of detailing and there is a lot of molding as well. Crown molding is quite popular, it not only gives the cabinetry a symbol of quality but crown moldings add a contemporary look to the kitchen. The molding and detailing are other ways of creating a difference in an existing white kitchen design.

But if you are looking for the perfect white kitchen design then you can make use of lower tone of white color on the cabinetry and then give wash of stains on design’s crevices while giving your kitchen cabinets a final touch. If you add a coating of stains it will add brightness on the details of your kitchen’s cabinets. These details will make the kitchen cabinets appear bright.

A white kitchen design can be remodeled in a various ways by adding some unique elements. In fact a white kitchen design looks very graceful and classy. You can always add charisma to your kitchen by giving it a white kitchen design.

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  1. Black granite countertops paired with white cabinets is a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

  2. White kitchens certainly have a lot of appeal. I have encountered a number of cabinetmakers who make white cabinets that are pretty much built like tanks! But they are stylish and beautiful, and they will last!

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