Kitchen Designer – Should I Hire One… And How To Find The Best One?

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So it’s time for you to revamp your kitchen or set up a new one and your mind is already flooding with great ideas to give it the best look. But will it work just the way you have planned? Chances are that the final product may not be what you thought of. Here’s where you need a kitchen designer to turn all your planned ideas and thoughts into a complete reality.

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Kitchen designers are competent enough to get the right picture of what your kitchen really is in terms of space or layout and are able to give the right judgment of what will really work for you. As a novice you may be enticed to incorporate jazzy designs or hardware for your kitchen, but a kitchen designer may show you how simple designs can probably make it look much better. In short, they have greater clarity and a better perspective.

So what are the advantages of working with a kitchen designer? Quite a few to consider:

1. Kitchen designers are experienced and hence can visualize exact placement and layout of your kitchen hardware stuff like cabinets, peninsula or island etc.

2. Kitchen designers have good know-how of what materials would suit a particular style or design. Hence they can help you make an informed decision.

3. Kitchen designers can help you choose cabinets, doors, tiles etc. that will not only be of your choice but also within your budget.

4. Kitchen designers are aware of the latest trends for kitchens and hence can help you bring in newer and more functional kitchen cabinets etc.

5. Kitchen designers can give you more functional ideas than what you may have already thought of.

6. Kitchen designers have experience of working with many hardware stores for their implementations; hence they can give you tips on which hardware store to buy from.

7. Kitchen designers have an eye for detail that you, as a novice, may miss out.

8. The final look is there to stay for a long time, so some investment in terms of their fees justifies the great look that your kitchen will get.

Now that you see the brighter side of a kitchen designer, you need to find one. So how to find a kitchen designer that suits you?

1. The first and best source is your own network of friends or family. If anyone has hired a kitchen designer in the past, they will be able to refer and share their experience of hiring one.

2. Your local hardware shops would have many such contacts.

3. In case you know an interior designer, they are a good source of helping you with kitchen designers.

4. You can carry out some research on Internet (websites like HomeAdvisor (sponsored link)) and home interior design magazines. Usually home décor magazines have immense articles and information on kitchen designs and people who design it.

With all your search and research for a kitchen designer, you may still be apprehensive about their working style and your budget going off hand. You can take a few tips for choosing a kitchen designer to get rid of any doubts:

1. Kitchen designing is a time-intensive process and hence you need to hire the right designer. Do not rush and take your time in selecting the right one, even if that takes a month or two.

2. Once you have selected your options, know their credentials and previous stints.

3. You can contact them to see their sample work in terms of pictures or any site that they are working on.

4. Brief them on your maximum budget to help them decide if they can deliver what you want in that limit and save you from any future surprises.

5. Check if they work for some kitchen appliance store or firm or work independently. They may be more of sales person for the firm than your personal designer.

6. Discuss the time limits, working schedules etc. with them before your assign them your contract. This will ensure you both don’t end up in a deadlock for time.

7. Choose someone who is in proximity of your area. Selecting a kitchen designer who is at one end of city and you at the other would only increase the time span of your renovation work and may cause problems due to commuting delays etc.

You should freely discuss what you have planned and what you really want. A good kitchen designer will always blend his expertise with your taste and deliver the right look.

What are your thoughts on kitchen designers?

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  1. Philadelphia Remodeling

    Thank you for posting this! Great kitchen designers are a rare breed. I think you covered some great points here but remember websites like ServiceMagic don’t have a directory like Angie’s List where people rate the contractors. They are basically a lead generation service so if you have the money, you will get the bids. I wouldn’t say looking there guarantees a good contractor, just “a contractor”. Definitely call those references!

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