10 Decoration Ideas To Give A Country Look To Your Kitchen

Antique kitchen cabinets
Antique kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of Designlisticle.com

Kitchens with a country look and feel have a unique appeal. They are refreshing, colorful and warm, which makes spending time in the kitchen more pleasant for you and your family. If you love the country style, there are several simple ways in which you can incorporate it in your kitchen. This post suggests you some decoration ideas to help you adorn your kitchen in the country style.

1. Flooring and paneling

Flat-board paneling reflects the country style strongly. To give your kitchen a look of assembled-over-time, incorporate variations in its finish (paint or stain), placement (horizontal or vertical), and in the board width. Adding paneling to the island gives texture to the base of the island. You can add paneling to the fronts and backs of the cabinets also.

What’s another hallmark of country style? It’s linoleum and wood flooring. Consider refinishing or painting the old wood flooring of your kitchen. When choosing the new floor, go for linoleum tiles or laminate with distressed wooden-look, in the pattern of checkerboard.

2. Splash some colors

White kitchens need to be spiced up a bit. Give some dashes of vibrant colors to enliven your kitchen. You may consider going for barn red for a few dishware and the island stools. Place some vintage game boards on shelves, and paint the built-in sideboard or other shelves in country-blue. Add vibrancy to the kitchen space using the Americana colors.

3. Create displays

Country style kitchens are incomplete without ample display space for featuring canning jar collections, cake plates, ironstone and other kinds of farmhouse antiques. Replace the upper cabinet doors made of solid wood, with glass-front types. Add shelves between the cabinets, or you may simply paint the interiors of wall cabinets and remove their doors.

4. Use die cut decoration items

You can come up with some really great home and kitchen decor items with die cutting. If you have a die cutting equipment and some scrapbook paper at home, start creating decoration items on your own. Cut out different shapes from the scrapbook paper and create a collage over canvas. Put it on one of the walls of your kitchen to get inexpensive art. Go for rustic colors in scrapbook paper and choose to cut shapes that match with your country style kitchen.

5. Choose vintage style

Go for sink and faucet styles reflecting a vintage look and feel. A polished-chrome faucet of bridge style and an apron-front sink give a great country feel to a kitchen.

6. Splurge to update

Although things like Carrara marble countertops make expensive purchases, but such things can instantly update the kitchen space and give it a clean-lined appeal.

7. Go for ease of storage

To place things like microwave and storage baskets, construct a few doorless box units under the cabinets or/and over the refrigerator. This would make an integrated and easy storage solution.

8. Add details to reflect country style

Incorporate great country details in the kitchen like brackets under the cabinets.

9. Embrace simplicity

For a country style kitchen, the key is pastoral simplicity. Go for a backsplash made of white subway tiles to give a gloss without any distraction. This option is quite affordable as you can get white tiles that are inexpensive, at home centers.

10. Desk with view of the outdoors

A desk can be created in the kitchen space by using a unit of a cabinet drawer, or suspending a ledge. Create this table beneath a window, and between two cabinets. Pair up the table with a farm-style chair, to give a great country feel to the space.

So, gear up to make some changes in the décor of your kitchen to give it a country look and feel. Your new kitchen would surely have a more inviting ambience, and would serve as a great place for get togethers and meals with family and friends.

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