Top Tips: Choosing Cabinets For Every Kitchen Style

Country kitchen design
Country kitchen design. Photo courtesy of

There are so many types of kitchen cabinets it can be nightmare to finally decide on the style to suit your kitchen. From the color and style to the hardware there is so much to think about when picking out kitchen cabinets, so I’ve compiled my top tips for choosing the right ones for your kitchens, or to give you ideas if you want to go bespoke.

Choose your kitchen style

Although many cabinet styles can suit both modern and traditional kitchens, it’s useful to understand the feel you want your kitchen to have before picking doors or color schemes. It is also practical to think of the space you have available when choosing your style, as although both contemporary and traditional kitchens can work in both large and smaller spaces, some of the best space saving technology often looks more modern. However, useful technology such as carousel corner cabinets can be hidden behind traditional doors, so size should be a considered, but it’s not the only factor.

Choose your doors (now this is the difficult bit)

There are so many different styles of doors available, as well as the option to go bespoke (often not as expensive as you might think). Here are a few of my favorites:

Shaker: This has got to be one of the most common styles, known for its signature square frame with sharp corners and an inset panel. Although highly popular, there are so many different variations, in color, material and finish, it won’t feel like an off-the-rack kitchen. Personalized in finish to match the rest of your kitchen, Shaker cabinets are a popular choice as they can fit seamlessly into any modern, traditional or timeless kitchen due to the classic style and array of handles that can be used.

Flat: Perfect for any modern kitchen, flat cabinets are simple yet stylish; ideal for minimalists and contemporary design lovers alike. They avoid any expensive details so, material dependent, can be a cost effective style. Hardware can be added to create interest if desired, or go for handless solutions to keep the lines sleek and uninterrupted.

Contemporary kitchen design
Contemporary kitchens. Photo courtesy of A

Inset: Often used in more traditional style kitchens, inset cabinet doors are, as the name suggests, inset into the frame, thus allowing for exposed hinges. While the cost of attractive, visible hardware often makes this style more costly, it adds a sense of ‘country kitchen’.

Traditional kitchen design
Traditional kitchens. Photo courtesy of Anthony Mullan Furniture

Choose hardware to compliment your style

Although the doors themselves may be versatile for a variety of kitchens, the hardware is often the key to linking the cabinets to the rest of the room. If modern is what you are after, opt for the sleek lines of tubular bar pulls or contemporary handleless doors. For a more timeless feel arched or footed bar pulls work well with any cabinet style. If you crave a traditional country kitchen, use accented wire pulls or handles with exposed screws. These will give the cabinets a rustic, traditional feel no matter what style the doors are. Cup handles on drawers with matching knobs on cupboards will always provide a timeless yet traditional feel to any kitchen.

Timeless white kitchens
Timeless kitchens. Photo courtesy of Anthony Mullan Furniture

Consider handleless

If modern is what you’re after, nothing screams contemporary like a handleless kitchen. But don’t worry; there are more options than sticky fingerprints over your beautiful cabinets.

Overhead cabinets with doors slightly longer than the frame allow you to pull open the doors from underneath. For drawers and lower level cupboards there are a few options to choose from. Traditional handleless cabinets contain a rail in behind the door front which gives you the space to get a good grip. The next, and my favorite option, are push-to-open mechanisms. These, as the name suggests, are electric drawers or cabinets which open the doors gently when pushed and often have a slow-close mechanism for careful closure. These have no gaps for children to get their fingers caught, or grooves to catch crumbs, however beware of sticky fingers, especially on high gloss surfaces. The final option is to have a narrow channel at the top of each drawer to create a lip so that you can pull it open. However, these channels are often very shallow, so it can be difficult for people with large fingers or long nails to get a good grip.

Written by Ellie McDaniel, a keen blogger and digital marketing professional who’s passionate about interior design and creating beauty. She represents Anthony Mullan Furniture, an award winning, independent furniture company specializing in bespoke kitchens.

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  1. Kitchen cabinets are main attraction of any kitchen as it manages all the storage of a kitchen and helps to manage it in better way. Above are some wonderful tips to know more how to go to choose best kitchen cabinets as per suitability of your kitchen.

  2. I appreciate your tip on choosing cabinets will match your kitchen style. It seems important to choose your color scheme and style before you start buying cabinets. My wife and I will be sure to choose our style before we choose the cabinets in our next kitchen remodel.

  3. You wrote that shaker cabinet doors are the most common, but have such a variety that it won’t feel like an off-the-rack look. My brother has been considering getting new cabinets in his kitchen and has been contemplating what style he should go with. I’ll have to recommend he look into the ones you mentioned, as they have that timeless appeal to them. Thanks for the great blog.

  4. I was planning to renovate my kitchen but was not getting some good ideas but these 6 ideas are really going to help me a lot. I will definitely implement some of these ideas to my kitchen renovation.

  5. It really helped when you talked about how it is important to make sure you consider the space you have available when choosing cabinets. I can see that doing this can help you make sure you get cabinets that will not obstruct access to parts of your kitchen. We are planning on remodeling our kitchen and want to make sure we find the best cabinets for our needs, so I’m glad I found your post.

  6. It was really helpful when you suggested understanding the feel of the kitchen prior to deciding the color and schemes that we will choose for the kitchen cabinets. I will make sure to let my mom know about that because she was the one who in charge of the remodeling. She wants to get a few things changed and that includes the cabinets and drawers. I’m going to make a suggestion of using wood for the make and hope that she agrees with it. Thanks for the tips.

  7. The emphasis on aligning cabinet choices with specific kitchen styles ensures that readers can make selections that seamlessly complement their overall design vision. The inclusion of practical tips, such as considering the color palette and the importance of functionality, adds a thoughtful layer to the decision-making process. I appreciate the recognition of the role cabinets play in setting the tone for the entire kitchen, from traditional to contemporary styles. With a focus on the marriage of form and function, this blog serves as a valuable resource, empowering readers to make informed choices that not only enhance the aesthetics of their kitchens but also contribute to an efficient and organized culinary space. Overall, it’s a well-crafted guide for those seeking harmony and style in their kitchen cabinet selections.

  8. This guide on choosing cabinets for every kitchen style by Helpful Kitchen Tips is a gem for anyone in the midst of a kitchen renovation. The breakdown of cabinet styles suited for various kitchen aesthetics, from traditional to modern, is both insightful and practical. I appreciate the emphasis on color coordination and the inclusion of tips for maximizing storage in different cabinet designs. The guide’s user-friendly format and clear visuals make it easy to navigate and understand. Kudos to Helpful Kitchen Tips for providing such a comprehensive and visually appealing resource – it’s become my go-to guide for navigating the maze of cabinet choices!

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