7 Reasons To Use Air Fryers Instead Of Conventional Fryers

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You’ve been hearing noises about air fryers and wondering what the fuss is all about and why you should bother getting yourself one since you already own an oil fryer. Well, kindly continue reading through this article and you will discover seven reasons why an air fryer is an ideal choice for your health and beauty in general.

1. Promotes health

One thing that makes an air fryer unique and different from all other types of fryers is that they promote good health. How? Air fryers do not make use of oil to prepare foods that would have otherwise used oil. What this means is that food that is prepared using an air fryer will have a fewer calories due to fact that the fat content will be 80% less in such foods as compared to those prepared from other types of conventional fryers. If you are on a weight loss regime and aiming to shed off a few pounds, then an Air Fryer will help achieve your goals by helping you prepare your food in such a way that will prevent you from gaining additional excess weight.

2. Quick and efficient

This is the main reason that convinced me to get an air fryer. We live in such a busy world with a lot of things demanding both our attention and time. Let’s say you want to prepare samosas for breakfast and you don’t own an air fryer. Chances are, you are likely going to be late for work because you tried deep frying the samosas. Nevertheless, using an air fryer will help you prepare your delicious breakfast in a matter of minutes as compared to what would have happened if you were to go traditional. If you value time and understand how expensive it is, then go get an air fryer for your kitchen.

3. Neat

A clean kitchen is healthy kitchen. Air Fryers are definitely one of the neatest kitchen appliances available. When you use other conventional fryers like oil fryers, chances are, your kitchen will be left in such a mess which can make it difficult and time consuming for you to have to clean your kitchen. Apart from leaving the kitchen messy, it’s also very easy to clean an air fryer. It has removable parts that you can carefully detach from the fryer to perfectly clean it so that it looks great.

4. It’s incredibly easy to use

To effectively start using an Air Fryer, you won’t need to go through a 1000 word manual or anything like that. In most cases, all you need to get the nitty gritties is just a douse of curiosity, love for cooking and a bit of common sense. In addition to that, there is really no need for you to be an experienced cook or a master chef. A common air fryer usually comes with only 7 buttons and a basket were you place your prepared ingredients. And yes, you can go sleep while it’s cooking because it can automatically shut off whenever you are done with your cooking.

5. Any amount of food

If you want to prepare a large family serving of 10 people, you can use your air fryer to get the job done. Air Fryers do not come with limitations with regards to the amount of food you can use it to prepare. Whatever can fit in the tray, can be cooked by the fryer. And yes, the quality will never at any point be compromised.

6. Versatility

Okay, to explain this point I will start by telling you what an air fryer can’t do. An air fryer can neither braise stew nor make soup. This means it’s able to do everything else including baking, frying, roasting, grilling, salting, and reheating. Your air fryer is your oven, your grill, your stove and microwave all fitted conveniently in one small device. This can also mean real value for money for you.

7. They are safe

There are many cases where fires went alight when people where using conventional oil fryers to deep fry their food. These situations are usually not ideal and terrible. This is why you need an air fryer as it can help prevent against such incidents. Since you don’t use oil in an air fryer, there will be no associated risk that occurs whenever hot oil is being disposed of.

In conclusion, as I had said, an air fryer is definitely one of those must have utensils that can make food preparation very easy for you. A utensil that you should definitely have in your home.

This is a guest post by the10co.

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