10 Essential Kitchen Utensils For Vegans

Vegetable food in jars

Are you a vegan who loves to cook? Do you consider your kitchen your own personal sanctuary? Is the kitchen your house’s hot spot, the place where everybody comes together? If so, you’re lucky! But if this is the case, you also need a well-equipped kitchen that can handle whatever’s coming your way, food-wise! There’s so much harmony in having everything you need for your next delicious meal at an arm’s length; in knowing that you’ve got all it there, ready to come together and create delicious dishes that you and your loved ones will enjoy. So, here are 10 essential kitchen utensils that every vegan needs to have in their kitchen!

10. A good chef’s knife

A knife

Alright, so to be honest, this is something everyone should have in their kitchen, vegan or not! If there’s one thing on this list that you simply must have, this is it! A good-quality and sharp chef’s knife will make everything so much easier for you in the kitchen. If you’re afraid of handling such an object, all I can say is to practice, practice, practice. It will eventually end up feeling as an extension of your arm!

9. Soy milk maker

Soy milk

I love soy milk. I prefer mine to be simple, unsweetened, simply because I love the taste of soybeans. But, if you don’t, then feel free to season it to your liking. One thing’s for sure, I simply cannot live without my soy milk maker. Make sure you get one with stainless steel on the inside, plastic tends to influence the taste of the milk.

8. Steamer


Steaming veggies in a bamboo steamer is almost a religious experience for me. I just love them! If you can’t find these puppies, even though any Asian store will carry them, I recommend you try the stainless-steel ones that can be inserted inside large pans. Skip the silicone ones, they start to smell after a while.

7. A carbon steel wok


I found my wok in a thrift store and I have to say I’ve fallen deeply in love with it. I made sure that I gave it a good seasoning and now whatever I stir fry in it simply tastes delicious. I seasoned it on high heat, with some vegetable oil. Here is an article that better explains how to season your wok. Make sure it’s carbon steel and not nonstick, it makes a huge difference.

6. Cast iron pan

Cast iron pan

A sturdy cast iron pan that you can leave as legacy is something that no kitchen should be without. Make sure you don’t use any strong detergents or scrubs on it, and it will develop a seasoning that will make it nonstick. Also, things that are fried in a cast iron pan simply taste better than those cooked in a classic pan. And it will last you a lifetime, make no doubt about it!

5. Cutting boards

A wooden cutting board

When I became a vegan, I threw away all my cutting boards which I had used for meats and I suggest you do the same. After all, you’re starting afresh, why not get new cutting boards? I highly recommend wood, especially bamboo. They’re durable and quite cheap! Glass or plastic will dull your knives. Right now, I have a bamboo one from IKEA and I have to say I’m quite happy with it. Oil it from time to time to avoid it from cracking and you’re golden!

4. Salad spinner

A salad spinner

Vegans sure love their salads! Which is why a salad spinner is simply vital in a vegan kitchen. Soggy greens on your plate are a cook’s nightmare, especially because the dressing tends to not stick well to soggy greens which contributes to the syndrome called sad salads. So, do yourself and your future salads a favor and invest in a salad spinner!

3. Tofu press


Have milk, will make tofu! I never understood why there is so much hate towards tofu in the vegan and also non-vegan world. In my opinion, there’s no better vegan food to absorb delicious flavors than tofu! Sure, it’s bland, but it has so much potential. Not to mention it’s chock-full of protein! So, get yourself a tofu press and start experimenting with it until you make your perfect tofu!

2. Yogurt maker


The one thing I missed so much after I turned vegan was yogurt. It took me a while to realize that there is such a thing as vegan yogurt. And when I did discover it, I ate buckets of it! Now I have a yogurt maker that helps me support this delicious habit. There are plenty of makers out there, for every pocket. Make your own milk, add cultures, let it sit in the warm environment of the maker for 12-24 hours and you’ve got yourself a delicious and vegan yogurt.

1. High-power blender


A good and high-power blender can make silky smooth veggie soup in a matter of seconds, without leaving behind any chunks. Not to mention all those delicious smoothies that you’ve been planning to have in the morning. I personally recommend either Vitamix or Blendtec, whichever you have access to. They’re both extremely pricey, but definitely worth it.

Cristina is a writer contributor at BookCulinaryVacations.com. She is a vegan who loves not only to eat delicious food, but to cook it too! She is also a passionate traveler, a cat aficionado, and a novice writer.

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