How To Remove Oil Stains From Kitchen Surfaces


Oil is one of the most prominent items used in a kitchen. It makes food delicious and it also causes a huge mess all over your kitchen. Oil has the unique ability to end up everywhere and stain everything.

The problem with oil stains is that they are terrible to get rid of and they are everywhere. Your stove, range hood, floors, cabinets, walls, and even the ceiling are places where oil stains can usually be found. That is the entire kitchen covered in oil that is going to be difficult to remove.

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Luckily, there are a few easier ways to remove oil stains that many people do not know about. These are a few simple and easy tricks to get oil stains out of your kitchen so you don’t have to worry about ugly stains all over your walls and cabinets anymore.

1. Use vinegar

Vinegar is an excellent cleaning agent that is used by professional cleaners, that does not get nearly the amount of attention it deserves. It can be used to clean all sorts of things such as bathrooms, walls, and appliances. It is even great for getting oil stains out of your kitchen.

All you have to do is mix vinegar with water to form an easy cleaning solution. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if you want to block the vinegar smell a bit. After that, it is just a matter of spraying the stains and wiping them away.

This will not prevent new stains from forming as it is not a preventative cleaning solution. It will get most oil stains out of your kitchen and will work over and over again. Vinegar is a simple cleaning solution that most people already have in their homes.

2. Hot water

If you just spilled oil then this is the immediate way to clean it up. If you are cooking a dish that you know might end with new oil stains all over your kitchen, be prepared to heat some water. This is the easiest way to clean up fresh oil stains.

Hot water works as soon as the oil is spilled and for a little while after. If you let the oil sit too long and it becomes a stain then this method is unlikely to completely clear up the mess. However, hot water is excellent for immediate clean up on all of your kitchen appliances and walls.

The best part of using hot water to clean up your oil stains is the complete lack of chemicals which makes it safe for every surface in your kitchen. It is also fine to use around your children or get on your skin. Hot water is the most natural way to clean up oil stains even if it only will work fully if the oil is fresh.

3. Lemons


Lemons are an excellent cleaning agent that does not get enough recognition. Lemons work as a natural bleach as well as an antiseptic and antibacterial solution. This is because they are acidic enough to help cut through tough messes without using harsh chemicals on your walls and appliances.

Lemon on its own can be used to scrub at an oil stain and will likely make a dent. You can use just the juice or cut a lemon in half and use the entire lemon to scrub at your oil stain. A more aggressive way to clean with lemons is to mix the juice with baking soda to create a paste that is excellent for cutting through stains.

This is one of the best natural ways to cut through oil stains in your kitchen. Lemon and baking soda are both excellent cleaning agents that are capable of cutting through oil and deep stains. This makes a baking soda and lemon combination an excellent cleaning solution for your kitchen oil stains.

4. Dish soap

The soap you use to clean your dishes is made to cut through grease and oil. This is why it works as an excellent cleaning agent on your walls and cabinets as well. The trick to this is using soap that is hard on grease and water that is hot as you would use to wash dishes.

Fill up your sink or a tub with water as hot as you can stand it and your favorite dish soap. Make sure you wear gloves so the water does not hurt you and to prevent your skin from drying out due to the harsh soap. This combination is made specifically to cut through tough grease and oil so it should remove any oil stains in your kitchen.

This might take a few sessions of scrubbing the same way you might need to soak a particularly greasy pan. It takes some work to get hard stains out of paint or off of your stovetop. Remember to scrub at the stain like this a few days a week and watch the stain disappear before your eyes.

5. Laundry detergent

This cleaning method might use more chemicals, but it is also a great way to cut through oil and grease. Detergent was created to get things clean and remove staining. That is why it is so great for getting rid of deep oil and grease stains in your kitchen.

Use this cleaning method by mixing your detergent with very hot water. This will give you something to scrub with and activate the cleaning solution in the detergent so that it can cut through your oil stain. It is also going to make your kitchen smell like a clean load of laundry as a bonus.

It is important to remember to protect your skin and keep children out of the kitchen while you do this cleaning method. The chemicals in detergent are tough on stains and also can be very dangerous to get on your skin or to ingest. This is the method you have to be the most careful with but it is also one of the quickest ways to remove oil stains in your kitchen.


Removing oil stains

Oil stains are one of the annoying things in your kitchen. They look bad, are everywhere, and are almost impossible to get out. Luckily, simple cleaning solutions like vinegar and water, lemon, and dish soap can cut through those greasy stains easily and get your kitchen look great again.

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