How To Keep Mice Out Of BBQ Grill

Nothing seems annoying, like finding mice droppings on your grill. Mice can invade your BBQ grill if left unused for a long time or when there are leftover foods on it. These creatures are not only irritating, but they carry diseases with them too. They have viruses and bacteria in their bodies, and their urine and droppings are hazardous to human health. Keeping them entirely away from your grill needs patience and time. A few preventive measures and some other methods are a sure way to keep them from hiding on the grill.

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1. Removing leftover foods and sanitizing the grill

Rodents are usually attracted to food leftovers, and it’s safer to ensure the grill is left clean. The smell of food will attract rodents and other animals.

It’s advisable to have protective wear such as gloves when cleaning the mice dropping on the grill. Rodent droppings and urine cause illness to humans. Scrape off any food debris and use a sponge, warm water, and dish detergent to clean the surfaces. Wipe it with a dry paper towel. A clean place discourages rodents from gnawing on the regulators or staying on the grill.

2. Grill covers

Investing in quality durable grill covers is a sure way to keep the mice away. A mouse can chew on anything, and it’s better to find tear-resistant materials. The cover should be able to withstand all weather elements to avoid being blown away. Cover your grill anytime you are not using it to prevent mice from staying inside.

Grill covers come in various sizes, designs, and of different materials. Zippered covers are the best option to consider when you don’t want mice to make your BBQ grill their home. Mice like to shelter in warm areas with a pleasant smell of food. A rodent-proof cover will save you from mice droppings and urine inside the grill.

3. Repellents

There are store-bought rodent repellents you can purchase to help keep mice away. Peppermint oil is an excellent repellent to keep off rodents as the smell is unpleasant to them. Use raw peppermint oil with some cotton balls and place it near the grill. Alternatively, use a peppermint oil spray; a mixture of the oil with water and a little liquid dishwashing detergent. Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture around the grill to keep the mice from staying on the grill. Avoid spraying directly on the grill as this may contaminate your next cooking, which may be harmful to your health.

Scents that mice can’t withstand can be placed inside your BBQ grill to chase the mice away. Only put them under the grill or inside when not using it for cooking. Mice are unable to withstand the smell of cloves or mothballs, and when used on the grill, it will keep them away. Mice get annoyed by irritating noise, and ultra-sonic repellents work best by emitting waves that send them out.

Another option would be to use rat poison, e.g., Tomcat combined with a bait to trap the mice. The mice might not die at the exact location you placed the trap when you use this method. Please do not use it directly on the grill, but on entry points, the mice can access your grill.

4. Set traps

Placing mouse traps will keep them off settling on BBQ grills. Set traps near the grill and regularly check if it catches anything. If you plan on catching and releasing the mice somewhere else, consider using live mouse traps. Other mouse traps that can be of use are glue traps or snap traps. They are useful but sometimes are not suitable for being used outdoors. Find the best mouse trap that works best for you, whether it’s electric, a live catch, or glue traps, and ensure you drop off the caught mice far from your home.

  • Electric traps release a high voltage shock that quickly kills the mice. Mice are stubborn, and they will find their way back if not disposed of properly while alive. Most electric mouse traps use batteries which can be replaced with new ones if they stop working.
  • Snap traps are the most commonly used method to catch mice. They are easy to set up and will see the mice quickly if set correctly.
  • Glue traps use adhesives to capture the mice when it sticks onto it. Place them along the mice travel paths or any areas where you notice droppings and chewing. Use enough glue traps and combine this method with another method to catch the mice.
  • Humane mouse traps allow you to catch the mice without necessarily killing it.
  • Rolling log mouse traps.

A rolling log placed on a bucket half-filled with water will make the mice lose balance and fall directly into it. Drill two holes on the sides of the bucket and place the log with some bait in it. The trick should be placed at the center of the log and regularly check to dispose of any caught mice.

With traps, you’ll know whether the mice are caught or not, dispose of them before they start producing an unpleasant smell. Trapping mouse one by one can be tiresome; a multi-catch live mouse trap allows you to catch more than one mouse at the same time. Use suitable baits that will attract the mice onto the set trap. Cheese or peanut butter is one of the useful tricks one can use to lure the mice to the trap if you want to catch it. Sometimes you need to use more than one method at once to trap these annoying rodents.


Mice invasion on a BBQ grill is not only harmful to human health, but it creates damage to the grill itself. They will gnaw on the gas regulator and cause unexpected gas leaks. To keep them out completely, get rid of any access points by tidying up the area around your grill. Seal off any holes that might encourage them to make a home in your grill. When using mouse traps, place them behind your grill or in enclosed places where they like nesting. Use whichever method works best, depending on the mice invasion, to have a rodent-free grill.

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