Breville Hemisphere Control Blender Reviews

Breville Hemisphere control blender 605XL

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Breville Hemisphere control blender 605XL is an upgraded version. It features five variable speeds. The performance is perfect and the state-of-the art features include smoothie and ice crushing settings.

The 605XL Breville Hemisphere blender offers a smooth electronic control pad featuring lighted buttons. It also has an LCD timer and pre-programmed settings. The Breville blender appears beautiful with the markings of measurement in red offering easy readability. The plastic jar of 48 ounce has a ring that the lid is easy to remove. It features a die-cast metal base that allows cord storage. The margaritas come out extra smooth and thick, while the smoothies velvety.


  • Motor 750-watt
  • 5 manual controls for speed
  • 1- push button for pulse, ice crush and smoothies
  • Illuminated buttons
  • Backlit digital timer
  • Glass jar with measurement marking
  • Aluminum die-cast base
  • Warranty of 1 year

Why choose Breville Hemisphere?


The 605XL Breville blender features a 750-Watt motor. The price range for this blender is also small. The control panel design is simple and the layout is clean, but highly functional. The buttons are illuminating and on pressing the power button flashes. There is the LCD timer backlit. It has 5 speed buttons manual operation control. There are 2 preset buttons for Ice Crush and Smoothie, and the Pulse Button.

Using the Smoothie or Ice crush preset, the blender goes through variable speed. This blender is good to blend various fruits to fulfill a serving or two, frozen or unfrozen. You can add veggies in a variety, include little ice and leafy kinds. Keeping a 60 second of the preset smoothie is enough for a fruit-only smoothie.

The LCD timer starts from 1 to 60 seconds, on pressing the 5 speed buttons.


The dimensions are 8” deep x 6.5” wide x 5.5” tall. It is a space-saving design. It fits easily under the cabinets and do not take much counter space.


The container jar is 48 ounces (6 cups). You can blend 64 ounces around 8 cups. It means the contents will be to the top. The jar is in borosilicate glass of the engineering grade that it resists pitting, scratching, and fogging.

The container or the jar has visible marking from 1 cup to 6 cups. It helps you in adding to the blend, the base liquid and in knowing how much finished product you can consume.

There is glass handle. You have to be careful as it can get slippery if your hands are wet. It would be nice to have a non-slip grip feature in the glass handle. There are several knurls for your thumb to rest on the handle. The jar bottom and the blade form a design of bowl shape at the jar base.

Breville gives a tool as inclusion. It helps in removing the assembly while cleaning. The jar lid fits snugly and is in rubber that there are no leak issues. The ring sticks up allowing one to remove the lid easily. There is no need to wrestle to get the lid off.

There is a nice opening while blending to drop additional ingredients or to pour liquid after blending. This subtle feature presents the uniqueness of the design that allows pouring easily.

The die-cast in aluminum has clean lines, matching the blender theme. The base at the bottom has a cord holder. There is a large finger loop at the cord end to support blender unplugging.

Performance and cleanup

An impressive blender is Breville Hemisphere Blender. It has innovative design features. It offers a pitcher of smoothies, regardless of whether it is a vegetable only or plain fruit juice, or a green smoothie.

The smoothies come out well blended and smooth. The blender’s performance is as vortex and sucking action. The design is such that it brings everything into the blades quickly in the blending cycle. The contents go down and the blades cut and pulverize them. Thus, you get a healthy liquid.

The blender is highly functional, but quite as it performs, and this is a magic. It is the quietest blender and so you are certain of good and silent performance. Your family will not receive a jolt every time you push the blend button of the blender. You can allow others to enjoy a sound sleep. Thus, it encourages people to experiment smoothie making experiences.

The biggest part is the cleanup of the blender. It is an overwhelming task, but with this blender it is easy. Rinsing jars with hot water is enough to get it clean. Occasionally you may add dish washing liquid few drops and a few cups of water and allow the blender to clean. The lid is good to give a soap-n-water cleans bath.

The control buttons on the panel are in seals and the LCD timer is free from crevices and so no smoothie can hide. Just a damp washrag is enough.


The only accessory that comes with the Breville BBL600XL is an aide tool that helps in removing the assembly of the blade.


  • Excellent smoothie results
  • Base weight and a solid feel
  • Glass jar featuring scratching and fog resist
  • Easy to clean up and no messy features
  • Very quiet
  • Nice illuminated buttons
  • Funnel shaped lid opening
  • Finger loop on the plug and lid


Using the assemble tool seal the blade perfectly to avoid any leak.

Other niceties

Breville Hemisphere blender is exceptionally good at making smoothies. The blades assembly is smooth. It is exceptional at making margaritas and grinding coffee beans. The jar is easy on base to place. The design is suitable for righties and lefties to use. The lid ensures placing and pulling off the cap without difficulty.

The controls facilitate easy using and there is automatic pulse as inclusion. The parts are dishwasher safe and it is the best advantage. The quiet performance it offers is one of the appreciated functions. The BPA-free quality jar ensures peace of mind. The preset options of this blender assure blending to be a mindless activity.

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