Initiate An Effective Dishwasher Repair

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How efficient and robust they can be, even significant brands’ dishwashers are not immune to breakdowns. When the machine no longer works, the cause of the dishwasher problem ought to be determined. This helps to know if the device can be repaired. For repair, contact a qualified repairer, then be sure that the breakdown problems will be quickly resolved. It should be noted that when a dishwasher breaks down, it displays an error code, which will give you the idea of the origin of the problem.

Power supply problem

The first instinct to have when the dishwasher does not turn on is to check the electrical outlet. Make sure that power reaches the point of connection. The problem is not necessarily due to a fault in a component of the machine. If the electrical outlet is in perfect condition, unplug the device for about twenty minutes. If the device still does not turn on after reconnecting, the dishwasher problem is caused by a part failure. In this case, a check of the ignition switch is carried out. This can be damaged and block the operation of the machine.

Failure of water supply

The dishwasher requires a large amount of water to function correctly. The breakdown of the household appliance can thus find its cause in the water supply. Check whether the machine is receiving the required volume of water. Check its plumbing installation, as well as the conduits of the device. These can indeed be blocked. It is also necessary to ensure that the water tap is not closed. On the other hand, the water inlet pipe includes a security that is designated by aqua-stop. Check that this part is not also defective.

Door lock damaged

To avoid any leakage during the washing cycle, the device is equipped with a sealed door with a locking system. This has an impact on the starting of the dishwasher. When the door closes properly, its hook presses a switch. Insofar as there is no contact between these two elements, the machine does not turn on. In this way, first, ensure that the door closes properly and that the hook is in perfect condition. If no anomalies are detected with these components, the contactor is checked with a multimeter in the Ohmmeter position.

Malfunction of the pumps

The dishwasher problem can also come from the failure of the pumps. The dishwasher has two: cycle pump and drains pump. The first is for washing, while the second is for water drainage. The device is not able to operate if the pumps are clogged or broken. This is often due to a lack of maintenance. After the pumps, please also check the solenoid valve. If the latter is clogged, the dishwasher cannot start. Also, the filter’s condition located between the water inlet pipe and the solenoid valve must be checked. In case of failure, the best option will be to replace it.

Faulty pressure switches and water distributor

The pressure switch is a part that measures the water level in the dishwasher. This transmits its data directly to the electronic card. Insofar as the information received by the board is not consistent, the machine will stop. Still on the issue of water management, also ensure that the distributor is in good condition.

Electronic board malfunction

The electronic card is, in a way, the brain of the dishwasher. If this is defective, the machine becomes unusable. If, after examination, the household appliance’s functional components are in good condition, then the dishwasher problem comes from the electronic card. This product must, therefore, be replaced.

What are the most frequently replaced parts in a dishwasher?

The most crucial step will be to perform the correct fault diagnosis to locate the right part to replace. When it comes to a pierced cutlery basket, it is, of course, obvious, but when the appliance is leaking, how does one understand the origin of this leak and especially which part is defective?

1. The cutlery basket

The cutlery basket is one of the most frequently replaced dishwasher accessories.

Why? Because it is often mishandled and can be damaged when it’s filled up, especially with sharp knives. Indeed, their blades directed towards the bottom of the basket can create holes in the basket’s bottom. The risk is then that these blades or the cutlery handles pass through the basket and block the appliance’s lower washing arm.

2. The dishwasher door seal

Its lifespan depends on the quality of its maintenance. Indeed, it is essential to regularly clean this element once a month to eliminate the dirt that slips between the seal and the device’s body. Proceed with a cloth soaked in white vinegar to ensure its disinfection.

3. The wash arm or reel

Very often, this part is one of the first to require replacement. Indeed, the wash arms are visible in the dishwasher and can be damaged by the dishes during filling. The lack of maintenance filters can also damage the equipment by clogging the dispersion holes of water.

4. The cycling pump

Composed of a motor and a turbine, it will indeed give the impulses that will stir and propel the water into the device’s cavity through the washing arms. Often, especially if the filters are not regularly maintained, debris will nestle in the pump and block the impeller’s rotation. This guarantees its failure! In this case, it will be necessary to access the cycling pump to remove the culprit (s). If the part is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

5. The drain pump

The drain pump also has an important role: it drains the washing water from your appliance. It is often located at the bottom of the dishwasher to evacuate all the flows for a perfect drain. It is also sensitive to the lack of maintenance of the device and, in particular, of its filters, which in the long run, will allow dirt or small debris to pass until the pump clogs. An engine can also damage that no longer works, the drain hose is blocked, or a stuck propeller.

By repairing this appliance, one is choosing to extend its lifespan. In doing so, they reduce the environmental consequences of building a new device and disposing of the old one. And at the same time, they usually save a lot of money.

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  1. My aunt is finally opening her Asian restaurant to the public in January, and I could not be more proud of her. In any case, I’m assisting her in her search for a commercial dishwasher. Permit me to tell her that looking for an electrical outlet is the first thing to do when the dishwasher won’t come on. Additionally, you mentioned to confirm that electricity reaches the connecting point.

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