6 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Separate storage compartments for different kitchen items

The kitchen is one of the most important and busiest parts of the house. Cooking in the kitchen can be fun, but if things aren’t organized and well-maintained, managing the kitchen can become quite hectic.

However, there are some simple adjustments that you can make to make your kitchen a lot more efficient and easier to use. Therefore, check out the six tips to take your kitchen workflow to the next level.

Create a flow:

A work triangle in a kitchen

Generally, the stove, sink, and refrigerator are the three busiest stations in a kitchen; they form a work triangle, which you need to optimize. Your work triangle can be different depending on what you are doing; for instance, if you are baking, it could be between the counter, refrigerator, and oven.

The main idea is to identify the three busiest parts of your kitchen and create a flow between them. You should aim to reduce the clutter at these spots and minimize the obstacles between them.

For instance, the refrigerator and stove shouldn’t be on opposite sides of the center island so that you can access frequently used parts of the kitchen easily.

Invest in new kitchen appliances:

When it comes to the overall efficiency of your kitchen, your appliances play a key role. You should consider upgrading your kitchen appliances to make things easier.

For instance, you can add a dishwasher to your kitchen and maybe opt for a multi-burner stove so that you can multitask. Check out Blue Rhino griddle vs Blackstone griddle reviews to get a nice griddle for your kitchen.

You should also consider investing in a smart refrigerator that can also act as a digital kitchen assistant.

Label everything in the pantry and refrigerator:

Separate storage compartments for different kitchen items

How much time do you waste checking different containers for the thing you want? Though it might not seem like a lot, it adds up and makes your kitchen inefficient. Therefore, you should try to label everything you have stored in your pantry and the refrigerator, especially closed boxes.

You should also set separate storage compartments for different kitchen items. Though you don’t have to label them physically, this helps you know where to look for anything that you need. For instance, the spoons, forks, and knives should be in a separate drawer, and all the spices should be placed conveniently in a single compartment. Similarly, if in the refrigerator, all the leftovers should be on one shelf, and the meat should be kept separately in the freezer.

This simple organization can make managing your kitchen a lot easier.

Sharpen your knives:

This isn’t particularly an organization-oriented tip, but it does allow you to work more efficiently. Furthermore, you may think the opposite, but sharper knives are actually safer than dull ones. A dull knife is still sharp enough to cut you, and it is harder to control. Therefore, where a sharp knife will sink directly into whatever you are cutting, a dull knife may skid across the board or slip while cutting, and this can be quite dangerous.

Therefore, invest in a knife sharpening machine, and sharpen your knives regularly.

Set up efficiency zones for different tasks:

Kitchen zones for different tasks

You should divide the kitchen into different zones; for instance, one part of the counter that is ideally near the refrigerator should be dedicated to food prep. You should have your cutting board, knives, food processor, and blender near this zone.

Similarly, the part near the stove should be the cooking zone, where different pans, pots, spatulas, oil, different spices, and everything you will need while cooking should be easily accessible.

If you bake often, you should also create a baking zone with measuring cups, flour, sugar, and other baking-oriented items that are easily accessible.

Clean the kitchen regularly and avoid clutter:

Anyone who has used the kitchen knows that the dishes in the sink can pile up very quickly; therefore, you should keep cleaning the kitchen as you work so that you don’t have to dedicate extra time to it, and you can use fewer utensils.

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