7 Ways To Add Luxury Elements In Your Kitchen Design

Luxury kitchen design

Luxury kitchens serve as the perfect example of decadence and sophistication. Although not practical for all, these designs are desired by everyone as they possess the best quality materials and features.

While a spacious layout and top-quality components form the base of a lavish kitchen, elements and features are what enhance their overall appeal.

Classy kitchen bars, posh marble countertops, high-quality custom cabinets and fancy artworks are some of the crucial elements that help you design the kitchen of your dreams!

That said, if you’re looking to make your kitchen a little more extravagant, then adding luxury elements to it is the perfect way to reach that goal.

Here are a few ways you could get started on that transformation.

1. Stylish cabinetry

One of the most important and expensive elements of a kitchen design is the cabinetry. Based on your aesthetic, choosing a cabinet that shows excellent craftsmanship with gorgeous details can boost the sophistication level.

Adding touch-to-open cabinets can be a good idea to try out as it helps give the cabinets a sleek look. Moreover, they are also easier to clean.

Choosing cabinets that never go out of trend can keep your design classic, so make sure to keep this in mind when picking out the right type for your kitchen.

2. Statement lighting

In order to truly appreciate the elements of your kitchen design, statement lighting is essential. Glass orb pendant lights, bespoke chandeliers, artistic ceiling lights – all of these can provide enough lighting while also highlighting the different elements.

However, to create a good ambience and give your kitchen a more modern touch, LED lights behind glass cabinets and along the worktops and ceiling can be an excellent addition.

Just make sure the lighting, while being artistic, also serves its purpose of brightening up the entire space.

3. Marble countertops

A must-have of every luxury kitchen, marble countertops are a decadent feature you should consider including. While being better than most stone materials, marble countertop’s elegance and literal coolness serve to enhance the luxury design.

Being a statement feature by itself, marble countertops are easy to clean and maintain and work well with numerous kitchen elements. Additionally, these are available in various designs meaning you could choose the best one that will harmonise well with your design.

4. Stainless-steel kitchen appliances

Along with marble countertops, there is one other feature present in every luxury kitchen – stainless steel appliances. This is because these appliances are durable and easy to maintain and have a modern appeal.

An oven, a toaster, a stove-top and maybe even an espresso machine, all these gadgets are perfect accompaniments to a luxurious kitchen. Adding a steel sink in your kitchen is another idea you could consider.

These appliances complement every colour scheme and can fit with every design.

5. Luxurious accessories

Upholstered chairs, fragrant flowers, artistic vases are a few accessories that could help enhance your kitchen’s appeal. Hanging abstract artwork on your walls can also be aesthetically appealing.

A seasonal fruit bowl, luxury chocolates, assortment of cookies on the countertop or kitchen island can bring forth that decadent look. Classy and irresistible, it’ll be sure to turn some heads.

6. Kitchen island with seating

Kitchen islands are available in different forms with unique materials and designs that can be customised.

That said, choose an island that goes with the rest of your kitchen elements. Including a seating area with your kitchen island is also a great way to lift your kitchen’s ambience.

Bar stools or upholstered chairs can complement your kitchen island very well. If you wish to match the countertops, an all-marble kitchen island is an idea you could consider.

7. Hidden storage

A luxurious kitchen is spacious and clutter-free, so overcrowding the room with elements is probably not the best idea. That’s where hidden storage helps.

If you have many appliances or accessories that you cannot part with, then a hidden storage is your best bet. A pull-out larder or cupboard, cabinets integrated into the kitchen island, are some examples of storage ideas that you could make use of.

If you want to display all the equipment and products you have, open shelves and cupboards can help you organise your things while also giving the kitchen a lavish look. What’s more, you could paint and customise them as per your desired look.

To conclude

Lavish kitchens in many ways make use of elements that never go out of style!

If you’re considering revamping your kitchen, adding luxury elements can help you create a stylish design. Just make sure your elements harmonise with each other while considering options and do not hesitate to take professional advice from kitchen designers.

Author byline: Aishwarya works as the content head at Saturn Interiors. She loves writing about the latest kitchen design trends and green living hack. When she’s not creating articles, she’s busy exploring the world.

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  2. These are fantastic kitchen upgrade ideas indeed. If I may add, a kitchen backsplash can also be a good addition. You can add a colorful backsplash to give your kitchen more personality or you can opt for the simpler ones for a more accentuated ambiance. Plus, it serves a really functional purpose, too.

  3. This blog here mentioned the importance of materials and design for a luxury kitchen. One may have the right design but have the wrong materials or vice versa. It’s better to incorporate materials when planning a luxury kitchen. Quartz is popular nowadays. It’s both used as a countertop and backsplash.

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