Our Tips To Keeping Your Washing Machine Working As It Should

Washing machine

As a homeowner, you can likely agree that your washing machine is an indispensable part of your home. Without it, your clothes and bed sheets stay dirty and family life becomes a bit chaotic. It’s not surprising that washing machines are important! Did you know that washing machines are a major part of the global smart homes appliance market? This shows how many are in use now!

If you are an owner of a washing machine, you must know how to maintain it. Proper maintenance could be the difference between a long life and having to invest in a new machine.

We’ve put our top tips together for your washing machine to help keep your machine in top condition.

Keep your filter dirt-free

The filter will collect small particles that cause blockages in the pump. Some common examples include lint, coins and fibres. If these cause a blockage, it can cause a further malfunction. So, to prevent these malfunctions, make sure to clean out your filter, five or six times a year.

Balance your washing machine

Another essential check you should make is that your washing machine isn’t tilted. An unbalanced machine can move around and damage itself and surrounding objects. Avoid this by making sure the machine is level during its spin cycle. This will ensure it stays put and doesn’t vibrate or rock. An unbalanced machine will cause damage to its moving parts, such as the drain and the hose. It can also cause spills and leakages.

Don’t overload the machine

Like any other laundry machine, an overloaded washing machine will malfunction. Make sure that any laundry is put inside it within the machine’s capacity. So, wash heavy fabrics in batches rather than putting them in all at once, so as to not strain the agitator. Also, make sure to observe equal parts, so there is the right amount of laundry to water. This takes stress off the rotating part of the drum during the spin cycle. Many machines have features to ensure there are no issues in the balance.

Ensure the hose has no kinks

Make sure to check that the hose doesn’t have any cracks, leaks, bulges or frays. This way, you can know that it can still support water flow and doesn’t waste any. Your washing machine must be placed away from the wall, so the hose isn’t squeezed or bent.

No damp clothes

An important point is to take all clothes out of the machine as soon as the cycle finishes. This will maintain the internal cleanliness of the machine. Damp clothes invite mold growth and odours.

Make sure to take the laundry out immediately and leave the door open to dry out. If you have a front-loading machine, also make sure to wipe the rubber seal to avoid bad smells and mildew.

Keep your washing machine in tip top condition

To ensure the long-term functionality of your machine, follow the above maintenance tips. Our tips are doable if you are a homeowner concerned about your washer at home. Once you’ve followed each, you’ll be able to rely on your machine and complete your laundry for years ahead!

Though, if you have found that your washing machine isn’t working as it should, then sometimes, investing in a new model can become the best option. If you are looking for a new washing machine, then make sure to shop with a reputable appliance retailer, such as Appliance World – leading providers of washing machines in Manchester.

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  1. I manage a hotel, and since we deal with a lot of different guests regularly, we also do laundry everyday. I appreciate the advice about not overloading the machine and straining the agitator by washing heavy fabrics in batches rather than doing it all at once. I’ll keep this in mind while I look for a laundry consultant to help us out at the hotel.

  2. This is a great article! Many appliance owners do not take good care of their appliances, especially their washers. They tend to overfill, use too much laundry soap, and never clean it and then wonder why their washers break down. Great article!

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