How To Replace Or Update Cabinet Glass Online With Fab Glass & Mirror?

Glass door kitchen cabinets
Glass door kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of

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Do you want to change and revamp the outlook of your home? Well, nothing adds an oomph like a cabinet glass. So, whether you want to purchase a glass replacement for kitchen cabinet doors, Fab Glass & Mirror is the right place. We have got your back! We believe that our customers require easy, feasible, and accommodating online shopping and we strive to provide that opportunity to our valuable customers. Want to find out more about these procedures? Keep reading because this is a detailed guideline that you must know of!

Choose the type of cabinet glass

The first step of this procedure is to choose your favorite glass type. With a variety of options available, we are sure you have lots to choose!

Textured pattern glass

Textured pattern glass

This glass has a plethora of fine texture details. Extremely high temperatures are used to imprint the textures on this glass. This decorative glass can transform any space, be it your kitchen or your drawing-room. However, its ability to diffuse light thoroughly makes it an important choice for the kitchen!

Leaded glass

Leaded glass

Leaded glass is another top-notch glass type and is also known as crystal glass. Embrace your modern kitchen with leaded glass or create a picturesque Moroccan feel at home with leaded glass lounge windows. Multiple pieces of glass are joint together to create beautiful patterns of your favorite leaded glass. Strong, beautiful, and contemporary, this is not one to miss out!



Want the best designs coupled with utmost safety? You bet, sumiglass is one of the most beautiful glass types and is strong as anything! Made of a safety-certified laminated glass, there is no way a sumiglass will disappoint you. It is perfect for kitchen cabinets! Sumiglass is also useful for creating separation barriers at different parts of the home.

Interestingly, to make a sumiglass, many materials are condensed into layers. The embellishing layer comprises various adhesive materials and two glass panes. Whether you opt for a light rice paper, a Thai mongo rice paper, or a heavy rice paper style, you will love them all!



A fine technique that consists of customized engravings and polishing of the embellishment glass, v-grooving will have you head over heels for it! It is a classic example of a modern yet elegant glass type that befits a minimalistic interior perfectly! Amplify any space by installing a v-grooving glass! Fab Glass & Mirror provides a bunch of options in v-grooving glass, ranging from the diamond on satin to Spector on glass and even Calais on Clear!

Select one of the designs and patterns

Glass designs and patterns

Now, the main task is to select one of the designs and patterns that fit the rest of your interior and the aesthetic vibe that you want to envision for your house. While this can be a tedious task because one tends to overthink, you may contact Fab Glass & Mirror to help you finalize the glass type that will suit your home the most.

Once this is done, simply go on the website, select your favorite glass under cabinet glass types, and Voila, you are good to go!

Choose the required size and dimension

Glass size and dimension

Believe it or not, this is one step where most people fall short and make mistakes. You must tally the size of cabinet glass with the original size of the cabinet to ensure a glass arrival that fits in your cabinet just perfectly! Because alterations such as cutting the glass later can damage the look of the glass!

Choose glass type option: annealed glass vs tempered glass

Glass type option

Likewise, the choice between an annealed glass and a tempered glass can be rough but you must figure out what your priority is. Annealed glass is commonly used at windows and is also known as float glass. After the rigorous process of manufacturing annealed glass cools down slowly. However, tempered glass undergoes extreme heat and a strenuous cooling process. This is why tempered glass is a relatively sturdier option. So, if you have small children at home and want something that is robust, you might want to choose a tempered glass as the cabinet glass.

Order summary and confirm order

Once you have selected your favorite glass and its accurate dimensions required, proceed to confirm the order. During this process, take a screenshot of the order summary, just in case you want to revisit. Otherwise, Fab Glass & Mirror sends you an order confirmation email too.

So, all you have to do is to order with clarity and keep your online bills with you in case you want to get something replaced. Write down to this company in case of any discrepancies and let them solve all your woes!

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