How To Get Your Kitchen Windows Squeaky Clean And Streak-Free

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When it comes to house cleaning, the windows of your home are usually neglected and undervalued. For the most part, many people have overlooked the vitality of having clean windows because they are either hard to reach or they take a lot of effort. Whether in the kitchen or the attic, your windows should be given priority. Although clean and sparkling windows create an aesthetic impact, the big difference is that regularly washed windows provide comfort, and prevent degradation.

Moreover, regular window cleaning will not only make your home beautiful but will also protect your family from illnesses. Clean windows contribute to the overall wellness of your home, preventing diseases, allergens and contaminants that are stuck on your window glass and sills. While it is easy to clean reachable windows, some require professional help especially if you have high-rise windows or if you don’t have the right equipment. In times like this, you can easily search for window cleaning Northern Beaches professionals who can immediately provide you with the best service. For your kitchen windows, read on to learn essential tips on how to make them clean and streak-free.

1. Make sure you possess the right tools

In window cleaning, it is almost impossible to get the best results if you don’t have the right tools and equipment. To achieve your goal, you need to prepare beforehand because window cleaning takes a lot of effort. Investing in the right tools will save you time too, and tools allow for greater convenience. Although there are plenty of tools available in the market, you need to purchase the ones that are effective and are easy to use. Some of the tools that might help you are a soft-bristled brush, high-quality squeegee, ladder, sponge, bucket, rubber gloves, and microfiber cloth. For windows that need extra cleaning, you may opt to use tools such as a window track cleaning brush, electric vacuum squeegee, long-handled brush with a hose attachment, and robot cleaner.

2. Schedule your window cleaning on a cloudy day

While it may make sense to clean your windows on a bright sunny day, the most effective day is during a cloudy day. This is because the sun’s light will immediately dry up your soapy water or your cleaner which will result in streaks. When this happens, it will be hard to remove them, and you have to start cleaning again. A cloudy day will allow you to wipe off the water or cleaner just in time before it gets dry from the weather.

3. Wipe the windows to remove dust

First and foremost, you need to wipe the windows to remove dust by simply using a cloth or a vacuum. This will initially prevent dust from mixing with your cleaner or soapy water. It is also important to include the frames and the sills for a thorough cleaning.

4. Use warm soapy water

After removing the dirt, use warm soapy water to remove grimes, stains and other debris from your kitchen window. Your kitchen windows generally absorb oils, dirt, and other food particles from cooking. Because of this, your kitchen can be a source of bacterial or fungal infections. To revert this, regular cleaning must be prioritised. It is also crucial to apply the right measurement when using soap and water. Too much soap in the water will result in more streaks.

5. Choose the right cleaner

It is also important to choose the right cleaner to remove tough stains and streaks. Choose the ones that are effective in eliminating tough grimes on your kitchen windows. Some people choose to make DIY recipes for a more natural approach. Ingredients such as vinegar, water, alcohol and lemon are made into a mixture and applied to the windows. Others use cleaners bought from the market.

6. Use your squeegee technique effectively

Using a squeegee requires technique so that your windows will become spotless. A squeegee is used to prevent streaks after windows are washed with soap or cleaner. Starting from the top and working your way to the bottom is one effective way of using this tool. Moreover, a squeegee will remove both water and dirt, and in the end, gives your windows a clean finish.

7. Use microfiber cloth for smaller and reachable window

In drying your kitchen windows, it is better to use a microfiber cloth because they are extremely absorbent. They are easy to use and are also easy to wash. If you prefer to use newspapers to dry your windows, wipe your windows using vertical or horizontal directions.

Kitchen window cleaning can be a hassle-free task. However, for windows that are hard to reach or those that require professional help, you need to seek the assistance of a window cleaning service. These experts are equipped and trained for such tasks. Furthermore, they can detect if your windows are degraded or have potential problems.

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