5 Clever Ways To Waterproof Your Kitchen

Large kitchen with dark cabinets

Waterproofing the kitchen is something that you should accomplish soon. Doing this helps save time and money spent on frequent repairs caused by water damage. However, waterproofing can become an expensive undertaking when not handled well. You could end up paying more than what other household owners out there did. So, to avoid this from happening, you can consider waterproofing your kitchen using the following ways.

1. Waterproof the area under the sink

The area located below the kitchen sink is very much prone to water damage. This is because the pipe where water from the sink to the drainage passes.

Due to continued use and constant pressure from passing water, the pipe weakens and eventually leaks. When not fixed immediately, the water will seep through the surface and affect its integrity. Also, the accumulated water could lead to mold development, a condition regarded as a health hazard.

Waterproofing the area under the sink can be accomplished using DIY procedures. Although opting for the DIY option can help you save money, it is still best to hire professionals like the team from Central Coast waterproofing. These guys are experienced in handling all types of waterproofing jobs. Thus, you are guaranteed to obtain the best results.

2. Waterproof the countertops

The countertops in the kitchen should be among the areas that must be waterproofed. Doing this prevents the water from seeping through the cracks of the countertop. Water seepage should be stopped because it could lead to the emergence of a foul scent in the kitchen.

Since the countertops have small areas, you can conveniently handle the waterproofing on your own. Start the procedure by sanding the outdated and topmost layer of the top. Do this to create an ideal surface that will hold the appropriate paint. After that, apply an ample amount of coat all over the area. Make sure to cover the existing cracks. Finally, use the urethane coating. The technique is quite effective in preventing spills and leaks.

3. Waterproof the floor

Waterproofing the kitchen floor is also as important as waterproofing the countertops. This is because the kitchen floor most likely catches all the leaked and spilled water in the area. So, if there are cracks in the floor, water will automatically seep through it. Continuous water seepage leads to water accumulation, and this condition affects the floor’s integrity.

Considering the negative result of water seepage discussed earlier, it is best for you to have the kitchen floor waterproofed by professionals. Waterproofing kitchen floors, especially those made from wood, involves procedures best handled by trained individuals. Not only that, having your kitchen’s floor contracted by a waterproofing company helps you save time and effort.

4. Replace the old faucets and pipes

The faucets and pipes play crucial roles in the kitchen. The faucets take charge of supplying water needed for various kitchen activities that involve washing. On the other hand, the pipes are used to dispose of the used water from the sink to the drainage. Thus, both of them have a standard function which is to deal with moving water.

Due to continuous use, the faucets and pipes in the kitchen are exposed to constant wear and tear. Thus, they will eventually leak and become one of the causes of water damage. Given this, you need to check these regularly and replace them when needed. Bear in mind, doing these replacements are more convenient and cost-efficient. For best results, hire a professional plumber to do the job.

5. Waterproof all the wood surfaces in the kitchen

Many households have kitchens that are equipped with wood surfaces. This is because the use of wood is economical and convenient. Also, wood is durable and elegant when maintained well. Unfortunately, wood deteriorates fast when constantly exposed to water. It can easily absorb water and eventually lost its sturdiness. Thus, it is highly recommended that all wood surfaces in the kitchen should be waterproofed.

Waterproofing the wood surfaces in the kitchen is best accomplished by companies that offer professional waterproofing services. These companies have personnel that are trained to do the job right and fast. Also, they have the most appropriate tools and materials needed for almost any waterproofing works. Thus, you are guaranteed to obtain the best results when you hire them.

Aside from that, you can also handle the waterproofing task on your own. First, sand the wood surfaces to allow them to hold the primer paint. Second, paint the surfaces with primer paint then followed by the coloured paint of your choice. To make the surfaces waterproof, apply clear coat varnish as the last coating.

Waterproofing the kitchen is a good investment. Doing this allows you to avoid incurring unwanted expenses caused by water damage. Given this fact, it is best to let the professionals handle the waterproofing job instead of doing it yourself. Although this means shelling out money, you will eventually realise that doing such provides a good return on investment in the long run.

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