How To Get Rid Of Unused Kitchen Appliances

Having plenty of unused kitchen appliances can happen more frequently than you realize. While product malfunction remains the top-cited reason for replacement, other factors can also come into play. This can include loved ones giving appliances as a gift, or you may find another model that suits you better. In any case, you now have an unused device taking up valuable space at home.

However, this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for you and for another family. You may find that removing the appliance can quickly make up for the effort exerted. That corner your machine used can be home to indoor plants. Moreover, this may also result in more money back in your wallet. Overall, properly dealing with the appliance benefits your home in more ways than one.

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There are a large number of options you can choose to do when it comes to getting rid of unused kitchen appliances. Continue reading to discover which option suits your home best.

1. Consider local recycling pickup services

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Your local garbage pickup services may have you covered when it comes to moving appliances out of the home. A quick call may have the concern settled in a day or two. Additionally, you can feel better knowing that you opted for the more environmentally friendly method.

Items like dishwashing machines and other larger objects need special consideration when the time comes for their disposal. Typical garbage trucks may not allow heavier loads during their regular schedule without any prior warning. As such, calling to schedule an appliance pickup can give both sides ample time to prepare.

After which, it simply means meeting with the service members on the designated date. Additionally, they may provide aid in moving the appliance out of the home should you need the added help. Be sure to inform them of any dangers or sharp edges to help secure everyone’s safety during the removal process.

Finally, they move the appliance to your local recycling center for proper disposal. This is because recycling centers are equipped to deal with the aftermath of appliance disposal. Dangerous materials like lead and mercury may seep into the soil. As such, entrusting recycling centers to deal with these elements properly means you help green initiatives in your way.

Ultimately, getting help with appliance disposal doesn’t have to mean looking far. Calling and coordinating with your local garbage disposal services can help save time and money when removing your old kitchen appliances.

2. Donate them to nonprofit organizations

If your old appliances remain functional, you can consider donating them to nonprofit organizations. This can be an excellent method of removing the item from your home while ensuring no waste. Moreover, it provides others with access to these items that can sometimes come priced at a premium.

Firstly, a quick search of your local area can help you spot nearby thrift shops and other similar businesses. You may also include charities and volunteer centers in your search as they also require these appliances.

Next, it becomes a matter of coordinating with them to discuss your donation. You can do this via a call or email to inform these organizations of the item. Furthermore, you can also discuss concerns like help with pickup and possible drop-off dates.

Finally, remember to have both parties record the donation through receipts and other acknowledgments. Aside from creating physical proof of the contribution, this may also create beneficial tax scenarios. Ultimately, while the joy of helping others is rewarding enough, you may see yourself benefiting in other ways as well.

3. Sell for scrap

Sometimes, excellent appliances can be forgotten and end up gathering dust. This may damage the inner mechanisms of the machine. Moreover, repair centers and mechanics may not have the parts or knowledge necessary to fix older models. When this occurs, it may be time to consider selling the appliance for scrap parts.

The amount you’ll receive typically depends on the weight of these metals found in your machines. Additionally, coils and other reusable parts can also net you a more considerable sum. A few examples of precious metals found in your kitchen appliances include:

  • Aluminum
  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Zinc

It’s important to note that these experts deal with appliances on a daily basis. This means they’ll also have experience in properly disposing of the toxic elements of the appliance. Overall, opting to turn your machines into scrap doesn’t mean compromising green thinking.


There is a plethora of ways of getting rid of old kitchen appliances. Moreover, they may also prove to be beneficial for everyone involved. As such, opting for the method that best suits you can breathe new life into an item gathering dust.

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