5 Kitchen DIY Projects That Are Perfect For Spring

The spring and summer months are two of the most beloved seasons; the smell of flowers in bloom and the warm sunshine on your skin are two of the best reasons to enjoy the hottest weeks of the year.

Spring is a time for renewal, a time to change and adopt a mindset of reinvigorating peace and joy. Let the sunshine in, and turn your home into a captivating celebration of life by undertaking these five kitchen DIY projects:

Kitchen cabinet remodeling
Kitchen cabinet remodeling. Photo courtesy of Moneypit.com

1. Get a new backsplash

A quick and easy way to breathe new life into your kitchen is by replacing your dreary and plain old backsplash. Choose one that is new, fresh, and funky – the replacement installation could be simple and hassle-free.

Work out the tile layout before you begin, seal the surface adequately, and then you’ll be good to go. Your chosen tiles should make your kitchen a happy place – so go for ones that inspire and excite you.

2. Declutter your space

There is nothing in this world that is quite as annoying for a busy parent than not being able to function smoothly in their cooking space. Keep your kitchen counters clear and uncluttered by adopting strict rules of packing items away when they are no longer in use.

There are multiple creative and gorgeous ways to organize your kitchen space – all you need is a label printer and some time to categorize and itemize your kitchen pieces.

3. Kitchen appliance upgrades

If your appliances are five to ten years old, chances are you need to consider replacing them. Older appliances do not just look dated; they don’t function with the energy and time efficiency of their newer counterparts.

Start by making a list of which appliances need to be upgraded the most, and work from there. Make sure your home’s electricity supply can handle the addition of newer appliances by getting an electrician to assess your supply. You can easily find new Zinsco breakers for sale online should you need them.

4. Install an island

Installing a kitchen island is the perfect way to optimize your use of space within your kitchen. Knowing how to design and install an island or a peninsula is key when considering this kitchen enhancement.

When designing the space for your installation, be sure to consider the available size for your new island. A kitchen island’s dimensions are more about the required space to function around it, and less about its actual shape and size.

5. Repaint your cabinets

Nothing says “fresh start” quite like a new coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets. Look for some inspirational ideas online and pin your favorite ones so you have something to reference throughout the project.

Wooden cabinets take a new coat of paint in the best way possible, but you need to prep and prime them first. Unfinished and stained wood all work well with a coat of paint, even compressed or faux wood options look great with a coat of your favorite color.

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