Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Tips And Tricks To Make Life Easier

Kitchen appliances that we buy and use at home are mostly expensive. If they are not maintained properly, then the chances are that they get damaged and are sometimes unusable.

If you plan to spend money buying washing machines, dishwashers, and microwaves, you also need to keep in mind that you must clean the kitchen appliances properly. We must adhere to a few cleaning tips to save the appliance from damage, which will help you not spend money again on buying a new one. It is also a good choice to cover the repair costs of your kitchen appliances with appliance insurance from any accidental or mechanical breakdowns.

Let’s check out some tips on cleaning and maintaining the kitchen appliances that you often find around most homes.

Fridge and freezer appliance

To maintain a proper fridge, you need to check if it has proper airflow at the back. Pull the fridge away from the wall, leaving a one or two inches gap. Always check your fridge’s door gaskets and condenser coil and wipe and vacuum once to increase efficiency. Organize your food properly in clear bins, and try to organize your shelves by placing a plastic wrap or wraps that suits your fridge to help you make the cleaning process easy.

Cleaning a freezer can be time consuming as the ice gets hard, and you need to wait till it melts. The best trick is to put a layer of cooking spray and clean it thoroughly. Cleaning with the spray leaves a small number of oil marks that helps prevent the ice from building up. Sometimes the magnets of the fridge door become loose and weak. In such cases, you can run a powerful magnet 50 times along the gasket for better results.

Always clean your ice bin once a month to avoid a big chunk of ice forming in your freezer that will produce a bad smell. Once a month, empty the ice tray to have odorless, good ice. It is always recommended that the freezer and fridge be filled with supplies; if you do not have anything to place in the freezer, place water until you have food to stock up.

Microwave and oven appliance

Belling FARMHOUSE Gas Cooker
Belling FARMHOUSE Gas Cooker

When using microwave and oven appliances for baking or cooking, we will be left with much cleaning work later. One easy tip for cleaning a microwave is to put some white vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for about 3 to 5 minutes. It will help to loosen the stains, and you can easily wipe them using a damp cloth. More than a microwave, the oven gets messier during baking. If we do not clean it properly, it will be a mess later. One easy method is to use a combination of vinegar, water, and baking soda in an oven bowl and heat for 45 minutes. Turn the oven off and leave it to become cool, and later wipe it down to get a clean oven.

Sometimes the vent hood becomes dirty; you can soak it in soap water for an hour and then wipe it. To keep it dust-free, you can spray cooking oil and rub it on all sides after the cleaning process to prevent dust from piling up.

Miscellaneous kitchen appliance

When cleaning your coffee maker, the best way is to use a half and half white vinegar and water combination. Run it through the coffee machine to remove the built-up mineral. Do not forget to clean your coffee maker thoroughly a couple of times before preparing your next coffee. Those who use stainless steel utensils can clean them with a WD-40 solution to get a smooth shine. The most difficult cleaning task is the garbage disposal blades. They are not easy to clean and are dangerous as the blades will be sharp. You can run a few ice and lemon rinds to clean, sharpen the blades, and freshen the appliance.

Another kitchen appliance that needs care is the dishwasher. You can pour white vinegar on the top shelf and run a full cycle to clean it. It removes all the tough residues. Some of us knock things when we try to take some spices from the top shelves. One easy way is to organize all these spices in a turntable and keep it next to the stove for more convenience.

Heating and cooling appliance

Draining water from the heater is a must, or else minerals will build up, causing problems and reducing the appliance’s efficiency. One way is to drain the water completely once a year to reduce the buildup of minerals. Sometimes a water heater can lose energy due to its surrounding air, so you can cover the heater to insulate the appliance to keep it in the good stage. You can clean the AC unit outside with a water hose but keep in mind that the AC is turned off while cleaning.

These are some tips that keep your kitchen appliances clean and tidy for a longer life. You can also buy kitchen appliance insurance for safety.

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  1. I’m renovating my kitchen in 2 weeks, so I was thinking of getting new kitchen appliances while I’m at it. Thanks for the advice about spraying cooking oil and rubbing it on all sides of the hood after cleaning to keep dust from building up. I’ll be sure to keep this tip in mind while I look for a reliable appliance store near our area.

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