Home Improvements – Putting A Boiler In A Kitchen Cupboard

If you have a smaller home or want to create space in your home by putting a boiler in a kitchen cupboard, then it can be done.

Can a boiler be put into a kitchen cabinet in your home?

If you are thinking about changing your boiler at home and putting it in a cupboard then you are one of the many families that do.

Although your boiler can be placed inside a cabinet, there are certain regulations you must follow. The boiler must be easily accessible for maintenance, servicing or repairs. A kitchen cupboard can be the ideal place to store your boiler, as it has a door that opens.

A compact boiler placed in a white kitchen cupboard.
Photo courtesy of Boilerguide.co.uk

Always refer to the instructions that came with your boiler. It is important that:

  • Plenty of ventilation is available for both combustion and cooling.
  • The appliance has enough space for servicing and maintenance.
  • The required fire standards are met by the cupboard.

Most home boilers require at least 50mm of space between the appliance (or the cabinet) and the stove. You should also make sure that the boiler is not placed in an airtight container. This will allow air to circulate around it and your home.

You may be looking to move your boiler’s position in your home but aren’t sure it will fit in the space that you have in mind. There are gas boilers which are small enough for a standard kitchen cupboard. These compact combi boilers can be installed in a kitchen cupboard, in a small bathroom or in an unutilized airing cupboard. These boilers are compact and can be installed in smaller homes to provide efficient heating.

You may want to build your own boiler cupboard if you don’t already have a spare unit for your compact heating boiler, which will fit nicely in your home.

How to make a cupboard to conceal a boiler

You might not have a spare cupboard, or the new boiler will not fit into one due to complicated pipework. You can make your own custom cupboard to store your boiler that will suit your home and decor.

The first step is to determine the size of your cupboard. Keep at least 50mm between the boiler and the cupboard. To determine the size of your cupboard, use a tape measure.

To build the box, you can use simple plywood. First, build the frame and then add plywood to the exterior. You won’t even know your boiler existed if you paint it the same colour as your kitchen cabinets or walls. This unit is ideal for boilers located in bathrooms.

It is important that the box can be opened easily so that your boiler can be serviced and repaired. To make the door open, you could add hinges or magnets like Jen from Love Chic living. You can hide these handles, but spare handles from your kitchen cabinet doors can be added to make it blend in.

How to hide your boiler pipes in the kitchen

You may want to conceal the copper pipes leading to the boiler now that it is hidden from view.

This can be done in many different ways and is usually easier than hiding the boiler. You can paint your pipes the same colour as your walls and tiles. These pipes could carry hot water from your radiators so the paint must be heat-resistant.

You can also box in your pipes and paint the casing with the same color as your walls or tiles.

You can incorporate the pipes into your decor if you wish. You might have copper elements in your kitchen, for example, if it is industrial.

To achieve an industrial look, some people install copper pipes infused with copper. Copper looks great with exposed bricks and bare light bulbs. You can always paint them later if you don’t love it.

Improve your home without losing space in your kitchen

There are many places you can put a boiler in your home, and the kitchen is arguably the best place and if you are planning on selling your property in the future, you should consider this as one thing new homeowners would be looking for. And if you think that a new boiler costs too much, a new boiler in your kitchen can also add value to your home. It has been known to add up to £8000 to a home’s value if you install a new boiler.

2 thoughts on “Home Improvements – Putting A Boiler In A Kitchen Cupboard”

  1. Hi Ganka. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it would be hard for me to cook my family’s favorite dishes without a boiler. However, it can look unsightly. Thank you for posting this article; I got an idea of how I can hide the boiler without losing it in my kitchen. However, I do not have a spare cupboard to fit it. I guess my next project would be a custom cupboard. Is it an expensive project? Is there an alternative material for plywood?

  2. Ganka Vasileva

    Hi, I don’t think it would be an expensive project. As an alternative material for plywood you could consider wood.

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