KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer Review

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer


The Professional 600 Series stand mixer from KitchenAid is a kitchen machine that is more than a match for all your rugged kitchen mixing tasks. This all-metal stand mixer is equipped with a 575 watts motor, making it the most powerful mixing equipment by KitchenAid. The Pro 600 provides that extra muscle to knead bread dough and to handle other mixing tasks with ease.

The mixer is quick and efficient, helping you save on baking time. Moreover, it is designed to look elegant, and to facilitate easy operation and cleaning. All these features make it stand out among others in looks and functionality, besides giving the home baker great value for money.

The KitchenAid Pro 600 provides thorough mixing action by using the planetary mixing technology whereby the ingredients towards the walls of the bowl are also mixed well. This is achieved as the shaft is not fixed, but moves around the bowl in anticlockwise circles, while the beater moves in clockwise direction.

You are given the option of 10 speeds and you can easily switch between speeds using the slide control.

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer with a working bowl and a pouring shield
KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer with a working bowl and a pouring shield

The soft-start function enables the mixer to gently start the mixing process without spattering or splashing the batter or dough all over the place. Your selected speed is thereafter gradually attained.

As you add ingredients while the motor is running, an electronic sensor maintains optimum mixing speed.

In case you overload the mixer with ingredients, it shuts off automatically in order to protect the motor and prevent burn-out.

What is included with your KitchenAid Pro 600

KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer attachments - a flat beater, a dough hook and a wire whip
KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart stand mixer attachments – a flat beater, a dough hook and a wire whip
  • A stainless-steel 6 quart bowl with a well contoured handle for easy pouring and lifting action.
  • A wire whip.
  • A spiral hook that cuts through the dough and thoroughly mixes it at the same time just like hand kneading.
  • A burnished metal flat beater.
  • A pouring shield that covers the bowl to prevent any dough dust or liquids from splashing out of the bowl, if any. You can pour ingredients conveniently down the large chute.

Does the KitchenAid Pro 600 suit my needs

If you are big on baking, the KitchenAid Professional 600 stand mixer has been designed just for you. Now you do not have to do your mixing in batches! The 6 quart bowl can accommodate large volumes of mixing ingredients. Imagine pouring in your all-purpose flour, up to even 14 full cups of it; or mashing-up about 8 pounds of potatoes; or mixing enough dough to bake 8 bread loaves! You can knead your heavy pizza and bread dough just by sliding the controls. If baking is your passion, I recommend the Pro 600 for you. However, if your baking needs are not as demanding, you can go in for KitchenAid’s Artisan or Classic stand mixers, as they are smaller and comparatively cheaper.

Mixing is not the only job that the Pro 600 can do. There are a whole range of extra attachments that can help you with other kitchen jobs. The can opener, food grinder, citrus juicer, pasta roller and cutter, vegetable and fruit strainer, ice cream maker, ravioli maker, slicer, sausage stuffer and shredder are some helpful attachments that you will have to buy separately.

You will have to dedicate some standing space on your kitchen countertop for your Pro 600 stand mixer, as it is huge and heavy. It weighs 25 lbs (net), and therefore you will find it difficult to carry it around the kitchen. But its weight works to its advantage by making it sturdy and preventing it from shaking or moving around. If you wish to know how much space you must allocate to it, it is 16.5 inches tall, 11.3 inches wide and 14.6 inches deep. Also note that it is normal for the Pro 600 to get noisy during high speed operation.

Additional Tips

The KitchenAid Pro 600 has been designed to look elegant and stand out in your kitchen, making you a proud owner. Moreover, the wide choice of colors available will enable you to choose the right color to blend with your kitchen interiors. The colors offered are white, onyx black, empire red, blue steel, cinnamon, pewter, licorice, nickel pearl, red cayenne, meringue, pearl metallic and caviar gloss.

Always follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual in order to maintain the validity of the manufacturer’s warranty and to keep the mixer in optimum working condition.

How to get the best price on a KitchenAid Pro 600

Shopping at Amazon (sponsored link) is always a pleasure due to their competitive pricing. Secondly, their customer friendliness makes shopping easy and enjoyable.

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  2. Hello Bella0116,

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  3. I have a hand blender by kitchen aid. The blades flew off. Their customer service is telling me I am no longer under warrenty so too bad.
    VERY disappointed in this brand, I was going to buy this product. Not now.

  4. If you own a pre-2006 Kitchenaid Professional 600, be aware that it will probably come to a grinding, screeching halt if you make a lot of bread. When it crashes you will be assaulted by one of the most painful and soul-crushing sounds you are likely to hear in a kitchen. Your beautiful mixer is dead. What is worse, Kitchenaid just doesn’t give a damn.

    My Professional 600 was a gift from my wife, who thought she was buying her bread-crazy husband the biggest, baddest mixer on the block. It is certainly marketed that way.

    “The overachiever of the stand mixer family, it has a Flour Power rating of 14 cups. That means it can mix enough dough for 8 loaves of bread or 13 dozen cookies in a single bowl … Powerfully churns through yeast bread dough and triple batches of cookie dough.”

    So why did my 8-cup soft sandwich bread recipe kill it? As it turns out, the Professional 600 mixers made before August of 2006 have a plastic gear housing that is completely inadequate for the size of the motor. Put a strain on the mixing head — bread dough, for instance — and the housing flexes, throwing the whole gear train out of alignment. When that happens every gear strips, locking up the whole assembly and causing an ear splitting shriek that will be etched in your memory forever. It is a horrible sound. Kitchenaid redesigned the gear housing in 2006, replacing it with a metal housing capable of taking the load put out by the motor. They repaired the Professional 600s that died under warranty but didn’t put out a service bulletin or recall notice for the others. We were left on our own. You see, the mixer doesn’t self destruct the first time you use it, the problem is cumulative. The flex gets worse with time until one day the gearbox flexes just far enough to cause a train wreck. It happened often enough that the Kitchenaid engineers built a new gearbox. They just didn’t tell the rest of us. It took an engineer with a dead mixer to find out why the gears stripped the way they did.

    My mixer is out of warranty so I wanted to see what my options were. I did a little research and found dozens of other Professional 600 owners who experienced exactly the same symptoms and mixer death. One of them was an engineer who took his mixer apart. It was he who discovered why the gears stripped the way they did. There was a detailed analysis with photos on his website, but it is no longer available. Given that this was a known design flaw — one that Kitchenaid admitted when redesigning the gearbox — I asked them to cover the repair of my mixer. They refused, charging me $150 to replace the gears and gearbox housing. Their customer service representative claimed A) that mixing 8 cups of flour for seven minutes, rather than the recommended five, was responsible for the lockup that killed the mixer, and B) that while the gearbox did indeed crack, the gears stripped first, so the gearbox couldn’t have been the problem. I pointed out that the gearbox flexes, causing the gears to strip before the housing cracks but she didn’t want to hear it. The problem was obviously my fault, and her tone suggested that I was probably lying about only mixing 8 cups of flour. It was an infuriating conversation. In short, Kitchenaid markets the Professional 600 as a heavy duty mixer designed to knead bread dough knowing that 90% of their customers are going to be making cakes, cookies and meringues, which put no strain on the motor. It’s the 10% of us who do bake bread (or use the meat grinder) on a regular basis who are screwed because Kitchenaid won’t stand behind its products.


  5. There is something wrong about the speed in my stand mixer, can we buy new machine part on it? Where can we buy it?

  6. Hi Josh,

    It will be best to ask the company you have bought your mixer from.



  7. As a professional baker, I’ve used many a mixer in the various jobs I’ve done, both industrial quality and for home use. At home, I have an old Kitchenaid Professional. It is the best small mixer I have ever used, comparable to a Hobart but with more speed options. It has never needed a repair or to be serviced in the twelve or so years we have had it, it has never needed a repair or to be serviced. It will power through everything we throw at it, not slowing down at all until the limit is reached, where upon it will shut itself off to prevent damage as it is designed to. It doesn’t overheat at all. The bowl snaps securely on; we have never had it pop off no matter what we put in it. It is a wonderful, sturdy thing and has not degraded at all despite heavy use.
    Now the new Professional mixers? Replace everything good I have said with bad.
    In the small bakery I work in, we use one for light work, such as buttercreams, meringues, whipping cream and small batches of squares. Nothing out of the ordinary and no dough. We are on the second mixer in less than a year, despite the fact that it doesn’t get used heavily. In fact, the one I have at home has had much worse put in it. The mixer slows down or jams when confronted with even a stiff icing, but the overload switch doesn’t trigger. It overheats terribly. The bowl does not clip on securely and has a tendancy to pop off when mixing anything stiff. This is not a defective mixer as all the other people I have talked to with a newer mixer has had the same complaints. The only good side is that on the new Professionals, the bowl is slightly bigger.
    While the quality of Kitchenaid mixers has dropped significantly over the past few years, they are still better than anything else available unless you want to spring for an industrial mixer. I’d suggest buying an older one second hand if possible.

  8. My 600 professional has a cracked gearbox (it’s plastic). We barely ever use it and have had it several years. The last 4-5 times we used it, it made a bad sound and I thought something was wrong. I decided to take the cover off tonight and noticed the gearbox was cracked in half. POS!@ I am mad b/c that thing was 300$.

  9. I just purchased the Pro 600 for commercial use. The first day and each day since, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t whip heavy cream as stiffly as the smaller models. The whip doesn’t touch the sides of the bowl so I have to scrape the sides down with a spatula a few times while it’s mixing. I’ve yet to get a really good whipped cream out of the Pro 600. Disappointing.

  10. I am the only one that finds the KitchenAid Pro mixer bowl is too deep and wide for the attachments? I sort of feel like Heather that does a poor job of scraping the sides and bottom.

  11. Hi Heather and Anthony,

    You may require some kind of servicing if the ingredients do not mix properly. Be sure to follow the instructions given in the manufacturer’s manual regarding operating of your mixer.



  12. The new Bosch Universal Plus mixer can handle more and the motor parts are all metal. It is also 800 watts of power. Where ever I see kitchen Aid on blogs, I see a lot of comments of motor problems. It is very rare that I see comments of motor problems with the Bosch mixers, even their older models. My Sister has a Kitchen Aid Pro 600 and that thing is super loud compared to my Bosch Universal Plus. I bought my Bosch mixer at for $399, a bit more than the Kitchen Aid Pro 600 but well worth the extra money for a machine that will last.

  13. I agree – I am always frustrated that the attachments do not get all the dry ingredients off the bottom of the bowl and that batters stick to the sides, having to shut down and scrape down and start up again. I’m not overly impressed with this machine and wondered if any of their other models were any better??

  14. As you know, being businesspersons, you should really purchase a commercial mixer for the commercial environment. KA never intended this mixer for commercial use. If you need a 5 quart, commercial quality mixer for a reasonable price, I suggest you look at a Globe SP5. It should meet all your needs fantastically.

  15. Kitchen Aid Stand mixer was given to me as a gift. We ordered from due to the excellent pricing. My order was placed, mixer arrived 3 days later intact, without damage. I’ve used mixer to prepare 30 recipes for a cake 33″ X 53″ that I baked for a fundraiser at our church. Mixer just kept on beating each recipe of batter, plus 8 recipes for frosting without any overheating.

  16. Daniel Oldroyd

    Is there a larger bowl and extended length beaters available for this mixer? The mixer handles the 10 cup load without any problem but it overflows the dough hook.

    Thank you very much Dan Oldroyd.

  17. Hi Dan,

    Just type in Google some keywords (for example, KitchenAid 600 series accessories) and you will see what is available for this mixer at the moment.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Best Regards,


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