Look Into a Glass Backsplash for Beauty and Elegance

Glass backsplash
Glass backsplash. Photo courtesy of Architecturaldigest.com

Do you have a small kitchen and wish to add beauty and depth? A glass backsplash adds size to any small space because glass is shiny and reflects light well. Adding lighting above a glass backsplash will also add the illusion of space, and will highlight your new work of art. Small kitchens are the biggest reason a house will fail to sell on the market, so if you are planning on selling your home soon, perhaps adding a glass backsplash is a good option to spruce up your small kitchen.

A glass backsplash is also a good option if you are seeking an interesting and non-traditional material with which to create your kitchen backsplash. Glass is versatile; it can be personalized by changing the shape, color, or texture. It can even be embedded with art. Small beads, stones, or paintings can be annealed into the tiles of glass as they cool, making very interesting designs that will attract the eye and delight the senses. A glass tile backsplash will blend into any décor, because it can be dyed in the process of making it so that it matches the current color scheme of your kitchen.

Glass is also easy to maintain. Because glass is a non-porous material, it is stain-proof, moisture-proof, and one of the most hygienic materials available for a kitchen backsplash. Foods, germs, and bacteria cannot permeate it; therefore, there is no staining or discoloration from spills and accidents. It can be cleaned with plain water, glass cleaner, or gentle household cleaning and disinfecting products.

Pricing of glass backsplash

Glass backsplash in the form of large sheets for a seamless look
Glass backsplash in the form of large sheets for a seamless look. Photo courtesy of Holland Glass & Art Studio.

The only drawback to having a glass backsplash installed in your kitchen is the pricing. Prices of sheet glass backsplashes compare to natural stone, and they generally start at upwards of $50 per square foot. If you have designs, stain, artwork, or other customizations added, this can raise the cost significantly. This may also not include the installation fees, and because glass is so fragile you have to pay top-dollar for an experienced installer or your expensive piece could be broken.

Glass tile backsplashes are more affordable in price, starting around $4 per square foot, but they do not offer the uniqueness and beauty of one solid sheet of glass. The biggest difference is that the edges of the tiles are visible and must be grouted, and they are a little more difficult to clean because the grout is not a non-porous surface. Other things besides the decision between sheet glass and tiles can also affect the pricing, including the size, thickness, and added artistic details, finishes. Manufacturers are harder to find, so the location may also be further away and the materials may be more expensive just because of the location. For a much cheaper alternative, a simple sheet of plain glass can be back painted or stained with great effect.

Buying tips for glass backsplash

When you purchase your materials for your tile glass backsplash, make sure to purchase extra tiles. Glass is very fragile, and it is highly likely that some of the tiles will get broken while installing them. Make sure you also pick a color and style of glass that matches your current kitchen décor, so that it accents your kitchen instead of standing out from it. The colors should be vibrant enough to be noticeable but not so bright that they overwhelm the current colors of the countertops, floors, and cabinets. Make sure your kitchen has a more modern feel in it, because glass is sleek, shiny, and very contemporary to use as a kitchen backsplash.

Some style and design tips to keep in mind while shopping for your glass

Lighter colors will reflect more light, maximizing the space in a very small area. Large patterns and large designs on the glass will also add to the illusion of a larger space. Larger sized tiles will also minimize the number of gaps that have to be filled with grout during installation. This means that you will be able to clean your glass tile backsplash much more easily. If you need to minimize your very large area, darker colors will reduce an overly open feeling in a very large kitchen.

Choosing glass as your material for a kitchen backsplash adds a level of creativity and depth that is unparalleled, while also giving an opportunity to do something good for the earth when you choose to use recycled materials, such as bottles, windows, and other recycled glass goods that have been melted down and made into new glass tiles for your kitchen. Using beautiful, recycled glass backsplash makes a statement to everyone that enters your kitchen. It says that you care about the environment.

5 thoughts on “Look Into a Glass Backsplash for Beauty and Elegance”

  1. Renovating a kitchen can be a daunting endeavor. There are so many different colors, surfaces and textures. Through the installation of a mosaic glass tile backsplash, disparate themes can be brought together quite easily creating an overall effect that’s charming and sublime.

  2. Step 1

    Call a local glass install/fabrication company and have them make 1/4″ glass to fit your kitchen backsplash. Have holes drilled for your power outlets/fixtures etc.

    Step 2

    Once glass is made, order http://www.glassprimer.com glass paint. Specify what color you want (any color can be matched from other paint mfg co’s). Paint the back side of the glass with 4 coats with a roller or air spray gun. Let dry for 24-48 hours.

    Step 3

    Apply clear silicone glue and small pieces of double sided tape to the back of the dry paint on the glass. Now put the glass in place and press in multiple areas to make sure the tape and glue have met the wall. The tape acts as a temporary hold while the glue dries. Glue should be dry in 1 hour. Seam the edges with clear silicone glue for a nice finished look. Now you are done with a $2000.00+ high end backsplash! http://www.glassprimer.com paint is a specialty formulated glass back paint that bonds permanently unlike anything in the USA market right now.

  3. The above is how to easily make a ultra perfect kitchen backsplash for cheap. Ultra high end, hygienic, modern, sleek, classy, modern, contemporary, too many nice descriptions. Looks great!

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