Add a Mosaic Backsplash to Your Kitchen for a Touch of Artistry

Mosaic backsplash
Mosaic backsplash. Photo courtesy of

A “mosaic” is a picture created from many very small colored tiles. The tiles can be made from ceramic, glass, natural stone, brick, granite, marble, slate, pebbles, metals, and a very large variety of other materials. They are unique, creative, and offer a sophisticated and artistic touch to any room.

Many people prefer to have a backsplash in their kitchen to keep their wall coverings from being damaged by water, food spills, and other dirty kitchen accidents. Many times the backsplash is made of tile, and people looking to add a creative spin to their kitchen décor should look into adding a mosaic tile backsplash to their kitchen. It can be simply a decorative touch to blend in or the main focal point of the room, but a mosaic backsplash will liven up any drab or dull kitchen area and add a unique flair in a creative and beautiful way.

Types of mosaic backsplash

There are three main types of a mosaic backsplash. The first style, a standard mosaic, is made by fitting small – square, rectangular, or circular pieces of tile together. The effect of this type of mosaic backsplash is in the pattern the small tiles create – brick, herringbone and other varied patterns. With regards to the tile colors, they are most often in one color but with different shades, or in very similar colors.

Mosaic backsplash made of small square tiles
Mosaic backsplash made of small square tiles. Photo courtesy of All About Wood.

The second type of mosaic is known as a mural mosaic. This is a mosaic that is first put together on the wall, and then painted as one unit into a picture. Alternately, different colored tiles can be fitted together like a puzzle to make an interesting mural without painting the tile. This type of mosaic tile backsplash takes an amazing amount of skill and creativity, but the results can be breathtakingly beautiful and add a large amount of class and sophistication to your kitchen. Be prepared to spend a lot on this type of mosaic backsplash though, as you need a tile layer who is also a talented artist. Mosaic tile backsplashes can also be purchased as a pre-made mural as well and laid into the wall as one ready-made unit, but this will be a less unique piece.

Mosaic backsplash in the form of mosaic mural
Mosaic backsplash in the form of mosaic mural. Photo courtesy of Linda Paul Studio.

The third type is made by mixing and matching varying materials of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures, and finishes. This creates a mosaic that is completely unique and 100% original. This one-of-a-kind mosaic tile backsplash is sure to delight any visitor to see it, and it is something you will be proud to show off to friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Mosaic backsplash made by mixing and matching varying materials of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures
Mosaic backsplash made by mixing and matching varying materials of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. Photo courtesy of Lori Desormeaux.

Cost of mosaic backsplash

As I am sure you can imagine, pricing varies widely for a mosaic backsplash. If you have spare materials and interesting objects around your house and you know how to lay tile, you could make your own for free or relatively cheap. Purchasing a mosaic backsplash as a ready-made mural can vary quite a bit depending on the uniqueness of the piece and the popularity of the artist, among other factors. A hand-painted mosaic tile backsplash will likely be the most expensive of the varieties, since the person installing it must be a tile layer as well as an artist, but if done correctly it can be well worth every penny and add a huge amount of beauty and appeal to your kitchen.

Installation of mosaic backsplash

Installing mosaic backsplash takes a lot of expertise as each piece of tile has to be properly laid and leveled. The average homeowner who has never laid tile before may want to consider hiring a professional to help with the project. Many people prefer this option for installing their mosaic backsplashes as they are not familiar with how to lay tile.

Knowing where your layout is going is also important and the size and placing of the cuts are crucial to the look and strength of the finished mosaic backsplash.

Maintenance of mosaic backsplash

  • Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions.
  • Warm soapy water is the best for cleaning mosaic backsplash. Be cautious about using any abrasive materials since this can scratch and damage the tiles.
  • Natural stone and unglazed ceramic tiles are porous and will need to be resealed on a regular basis. Sealing prevents water and other liquids from entering the pores, as this can lead to staining or roughening of the surface.

A few tips to remember

If you intend to create your own mosaic backsplash, make sure to measure the entire surface at least twice before you purchase any materials or cut or grout anything. After measuring, make sure to also take into account the style of the tile mosaic you will be installing versus the space you have to install it, the lighting available (after all, you do want people to be able to see it!) and how much you want to spend on the project. Sometimes hiring an interior decorator can help with the planning stages, but it will add an extra expense to the project. Finally, remember to purchase extra materials in case some of your tiles are broken or scratched during installation.

A mosaic backsplash may be just what you need if you are looking for an artistic and beautiful piece to make your kitchen really stand out among the rest, just make sure to research your project before buying anything or you could be disappointed in the end.

9 thoughts on “Add a Mosaic Backsplash to Your Kitchen for a Touch of Artistry”

  1. Mosaic tiles give an artistry look and feel. Mosaics are made from natural stone, bricks, marble and many other materials. Mosaic backsplash helps to maintain the shine of the kitchen and also help to safe from water, food, oil and other kitchen accidents. It comes in many colors so you can choose color according to your choice.

  2. There are also cheaper alternatives to the “hand painted” Tile Mural Mosaics for use as a backsplash. There are tiles made using a sublimation process by where any digital photo or painting can be applied to ceramic, glass and stone tiles for use as a kitchen backsplash. These are quite durable and give you a wide range of selections to choose from.

  3. Hi Ganka, I have gone through your kitchen blog and found some awesome work done by you. Keep up the good work!

  4. A mosaic tile design can be challenging for a homeowner that has little experience. With careful layout and the help of a designer you should be able to get a great result. Very helpful post!

  5. I am being discouraged from installing a glass mosaic tile backsplash for the stove backsplash. I am being told by my contractor that the grout is not the same as for porcelain or ceramic. He says glass grout will be much harder to keep clean, and that it absorbs stains and grease. Is there a special grout sealer that I can use to avoid these problems?

  6. Who has advice and/or suggestions for Theresa?

    I am not very competent with this but I think that penetrating type of grout sealers is ideal for glass tile sealing. Also, there are many types of grout sealer on the market today and I am sure you will find one that is appropriate for your glass mosaic tile backsplash. Just be sure to read the descriptions of the products carefully.



  7. Where can I buy the back splash I have seen several times when I look for mosaics titled Vine Mosaic Tile Backsplash by Marina Feb 1, 2013-Mombee Deer Kitchen Ideas & I can’t find where to buy ready-made mural panels of this design. Can you help me?

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