Add Sophistication to Your Kitchen with a Marble Backsplash

Marble backsplash
Marble backsplash. Photo courtesy of

Think your home may be looking a little drab? One of the first places people always look to renovate is the kitchen. Kitchens are a central part of any home, so it’s important that the kitchen is clean, hip and has flair. Marble backsplashes are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, making your cooking space feel rich and luxurious. Marble backsplashes will give you that feel of natural and effortless sophistication, and are a high quality stone that is certain to remain gorgeous if properly cared for.

What makes marble a particular favorite is the diversity of colors that are available. You can find marble with many different patterns and veins with colors such as: Brown, Black, Gold, Grey, White, Pink, Blue, Purple, and Green.

Each piece of marble is completely unique and special.

Benefits to having a marble backsplash

White marble backsplash in the form of small tiles with different shapes
White marble backsplash in the form of small tiles with different shapes. Photo courtesy of Trans Bay Tile.

There is no denying the true elegance that a marble backsplash can bring to your kitchen. Not only are there the array of colors and patterns as mentioned above, but it can also be polished to a nearly mirror-like sheen. Marble has depth and the stone can have a different appearance from different angles.

As mentioned before too, each piece of marble is unique, so your backsplash will truly be 100% original. It is an incredibly durable stone, making the investment in one very worthwhile as, chances are, your marble backsplash will outlast you!

How much will a marble backsplash cost

Remember, a marble backsplash truly is an investment. They are also quite costly, starting at $50 per square foot or more (this price often does not even include the cost of installation).

There are several factors that will cause a change in the cost of your marble backsplash. Some things that factor into the price are:

  • Primary marble color
  • Size
  • Pattern
  • Country it was mined from
  • How thick the size is

Market trends and size of your backsplash area also play a large role in how much you will be paying out of pocket for it.

For the budget conscious, marble tiles are also a very attractive option for those who would rather pay $3-$4 per square foot, as opposed to $50 or more. Mixing in cabinets and shelving units can also limit the space of where the marble backsplash would look appropriate, as well, so you could justifiably purchase a smaller area amount.

Marble backsplash buying tips

1. In case, you already have marble floor in the kitchen, you may want to choose the same marble as your backsplash (probably, a smaller size). Or maybe, if you have marble countertop, just continue the counter up the wall, with the same backsplash – making it consistent in appearance.

2. For a more sophisticated look – use shiny surfaces, whereas for a more casual look – rough finishes look best.

3. Lighter shades of marble backsplash will reflect more light on the work surfaces – such as your sink, cooking range and countertops.

4. Make sure to buy only the finest grade tile. These marble tiles are calibrated and beveled.

5. Also, always buy extra boxes of tiles, as you want to make sure that you have enough and do not run out of them. It can be rather painful to run out of it, in the middle of a job, and then have to go back to the store and purchase more. What’s even worse is, having to go back to the store and find that they do not have any stock of the tiles that you want.

6. You will find that polished marble is the easiest to maintain and clean.

7. To minimize grout lines, opt for large marble tiles, as there won’t be so many gaps to fill in with grout. You will thus have less to clean.

8. You can use your marble backsplash in a brick fashion. These are made of small rectangular tiles, and look extremely attractive. You will find this available in small tiles on sheets, and to facilitate easy installation, the sheets are backed with a strong mesh.

Travertine backsplash in a brick fashion
A backsplash in a brick fashion

How to install a marble backsplash

Unless you are extremely handy, you will probably want to leave the whole marble backsplash installation process to a professional. After spending such an amount of money on marble, you certainly would not want to risk breaking or chipping it. Professional installers also know what adhesives work specifically with marble and will make exact measurements. Once the measurements are made, a template will be created. This template will tell the installers how to cut the marble, and they then are able to properly fit and seal it to the wall so no mold will grow behind it.

If you have decided to go with marble tile backsplash, a professional will be able to arrange the tiles beforehand in such a way that they will be most attractive and as straight as possible. Professional installers will also apply as little grout and sealant as possible, so as to reduce the spacing between the tiles.

How to keep your marble backsplash in top shape

As marble is a stone, it is very easy to clean. All you need is warm, soapy water to keep it clean (be sure to not use any abrasive chemicals, as this will damage and possibly erode the backsplash).

You will also be advised to reseal your marble backsplash on a regular basis. This is a necessity as sealant keeps any chemicals and other damaging agents from seeping into the cracks of the stone and causing either staining, discoloration or erosion. Be sure to also reseal the grout between the tiles as well.

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  1. I have a tumbled marble backsplash in my kitchen. What can I do in order to protect it from staining?

  2. A stone sealer will sure help to prevent staining. But be aware that if you let the liquid remain on the tumbled backsplash too long even with a sealer on it, it can still stain. So whenever you spill something on your tumbled marble backsplash you should get it off as soon as you can.

  3. Kitchen Remodeling

    Using Marble in kitchens looks great. Thanks for the information and also for the image shared.

  4. There is just no substitute for natural stone, whether it be for countertops or a splashback. The same arguments apply to both splashbacks and countertops, ie granite is more durable, and got as many different colour variations as marble, if not more, hence granite being my first choice.

  5. Do you know about the Egyptian marble? Do you know that it is the best marble around the world? The Egyptian Marble has a wide variety of types — it can look sophisticated or simple, warm or cool, elegant or rustic, due to its wide range of colors.

    Also, the Egyptian granite is one of the best granite over the world. It resists wear, deterioration and weathering, while maintaining its natural beauty and finish indefinitely. There are many marvelous types of Egyptian granite as well.

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