Birch Kitchen Cabinets Offer Right Combination to Dark Color Tiles and Walls

Birch kitchen cabinets
Birch kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of

Birch kitchen cabinets are versatile and offer a warm and cozy feeling to a kitchen area. They blend nicely with all types of kitchen décor. Kitchen cabinets made of birch wood are also durable and resistant to damage. If you are looking for birch cabinets for your kitchen, you no doubt have taken a right decision.

But before you buy cabinet made of birch wood, you must know the kitchen cabinet markets and what types of birch kitchen cabinets are available, including their designs and the cost. The following review should be helpful in buying right cabinets for your home.

Finished and unfinished birch kitchen cabinets

There are finished as well as unfinished birch kitchen cabinets available in the market. It will be little bit economical if you go for unfinished birch kitchen cabinets. You can do finishing of the birch cabinets by yourself. If you cannot do finishing at home, go for well-finished kitchen cabinets.

If you are finishing your birch kitchen cabinets, you will need some tools such as one screwdriver and brush and stain, sandpaper and polyurethane. First, you have to de-assemble all hardware, including hinges and handles, from the birch kitchen cabinetry. Use the screwdriver for that. Then use the sandpaper to sand the entire surface of the cabinets and smooth the surface. After that, use stain onto the cabinets with a clean cloth and wipe off excess stain on the cabinet surface. Then apply polyurethane with a brush. Polyurethane works as seal and is good for birch cabinet finishing.

Selecting red birch kitchen cabinets

Red birch kitchen cabinets in combination with light-colored granite countertops, tile backsplash and floor
Red birch kitchen cabinets in combination with light-colored granite countertops, tile backsplash and floor. Photo courtesy of Ronald K. Gay

Kitchen cabinets made of red color birch are available in the market. There will also be other options in colors such as white. Check the websites to see how red birch kitchen cabinets look like and whether they will look right with your kitchen or not. is one of the websites offering birch kitchen cabinets online (sponsored link).

Red birch kitchen cabinets provide a beautiful combo with dark grey, green and rust tiles and walls. Red birch cabinets also give stunning look with polished granite or marble flooring. Red kitchen cabinets with dark countertops provide a more traditional look. They also provide striking appeal with stainless steel and black kitchen appliances.

How to buy birch kitchen cabinets?

1. Know your budget: You should have an idea about your budget — how much you want to spend on the birch kitchen cabinets. Birch kitchen cabinets are cheaper than cabinets made in maple or oak woods. Birch cabinets can be about 50 to 80 per cent less than the cabinets made of oak and maple. Of course, maple and oak kitchen cabinets are also very popular. Before buying, do some research on the Internet to know about the cost of the kitchen cabinets and you can also compare the different cabinet prices.

2. Hardware: Hardware – including handles, hinges, pulls and knobs – are vital to birch kitchen cabinets. Check the hardware quality. They should be functional. Cabinet hardware can be made of metal, polymer and wood. They should also match to the birch kitchen cabinets you are buying. In the long run, good quality is always better than cheap material even as standard quality costs bit more.

3. Interior options: You will have different interior options for birch kitchen cabinets. There will be cutlery trays, towel racks, cookie sheet holders, trashcan holders and drawer dividers. Know about them. Check your kitchen appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers and ovens and how you want to accommodate them in your kitchen cabinets.

4. Take measurement of kitchen space: Before you go for shopping for birch kitchen cupboards, you must take proper measurement of your kitchen space – height, width and depth. Measurement is very important, do not take rough idea of that. Take note even in millimeters of space in the measurement.

After you have an idea about birch kitchen cabinet, you can talk to the stores or the sales persons confidently and convey them what types of cabinets you want to buy and you will get the right value in your spending at the end.

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