Pine Kitchen Cabinets – Enhance Your Kitchen by Adding a Rustic Feel

Pine kitchen cabinets
Pine kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of

Your kitchen is a place where meals and memories are made. It is a place that is the reflection of the entire house. And that is the reason every kitchen spins a tale about the house on the whole. How about giving pine kitchen cabinets a thought while investing in redecorating and renovating your kitchen? Let us review each type of pine kitchen cabinets available:

Rustic pine kitchen cabinets

A chic and classy home décor can prove to be too much of a commonplace. A novel idea is – decorating the kitchen and giving it countryside look while keeping the other furnishings and fittings in the house ultra-modern. The idea is to give your home a rustic feel and a simplistic appeal.

Rustic pine kitchen cabinets are the latest thing on the block when it comes to kitchen cabinet fittings. The reason behind the rustic look is the material that is used to make these kitchen cabinets. “Wood” is the material that gives it an earthy and natural look and brings out the countryside appeal to the entire décor. What does the trick is – keeping the walls restricted to classy soft colors and pastels… using a dash of interspersed antiques and the haughty Victorian lighting.

A visual of the rustic pine kitchen cabinets, elegantly and tastefully done, reminds you of the old Scandinavian and European heritage structures. A feeler of being connected to the roots is the ultimate pleasure of rustic pine kitchen cabinets.

Knotty pine kitchen cabinets

Knotty pine kitchen cabinets are nothing but cabinets made up of pine wood having many knots. These could be finished or unfinished. It is advised that the knotty pine be finished before installing them in the kitchen. Knotty pine kitchen cabinets also look extremely rustic and are also one of the most sought after kitchen decors. Usually it is advised to have knotty pine cabinets throughout the house instead of installing only knotty pine kitchen cabinets. This is done to maintain consistency and same pattern throughout the house.

Nice big kitchen with knotty pine kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and tile floor
Nice big kitchen with knotty pine kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances and tile floor. Photo courtesy of Mountain Vacation Getaways

White pine kitchen cabinets

White pine kitchen cabinets are made by adding only a top layer of white pine to the remaining carcass of knotty, unfinished or rustic pine wood. White pine kitchen cabinets not only look classy but also increase the light and spatial effect due to the light color. This change can be brought in to the existing cabinetry and remodeling of kitchen décor can be done using the concept of white pine kitchen cabinets.

Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets

Pine is the type of wood that is more balanced to dents and scratches. It is used to make kitchen cabinets as it enhances the look quite a lot. The cabinets that are made out of pine wood can be of several types and their doors can be done in various patterns. Also the advantage pine provides is – ease of engraving the cabinet doors and carving beautiful designs on them as pine wood is softer than the other type of wood used for making furniture. After the completion of carvings, these unfinished pine kitchen cabinets need to be finished. Unfinished pine kitchen cabinets usually are priced higher than the do-it-yourself types. In order to finish the unfinished cabinets, it is essential to sand the wood, stain it and varnish it in sequence.

Out of the aforementioned types of pine kitchen cabinets, the white pine kitchen cabinets are the most expensive ones since they are made of Southern pine wood. The price of pine kitchen cabinets differs from manufacturer to manufacturer depending on the type of pine wood used. Also since natural pine wood is light in color (but not white), pine can be stained in a darker color and can be sold at a higher price.

Pine kitchen cupboards not only bring a fresh new look to your kitchen and in-turn to your house, but also increase its aesthetic value. Pine cabinets provide space, add color and enhance the style applied to the home and kitchen décor.

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  1. Found your kitchen blog on Google today and really liked it. I bookmarked this pine kitchen cabinets page and will be back to check it out some more later.

  2. We are re-purposing some knotty pine cabinets we got from another home. There is a cedar bean in the garage that we will keep. The natural color. We put them in our garage. They are orange. Can we sand them down and hand rub a darker stain on them to get rid of the orange? I don’t want to paint them. And I don’t want to go too dark. I just want to get rid of the orange they are solid wood just want to get rid of the orange.

  3. Who has advice and/or suggestions for Suzanne? Since it is a solid wood, I think it shouldn’t be a problem sanding them. If it is difficult by hand, you can consider using a wood sander as well.



  4. Where do you buy those half logs that are on the doors? This looks awesome! I live in Newmarket, Ontario.

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