Country Kitchen Cabinets – Add Warmth and Rustic Feel to Your Kitchen

Country kitchen cabinets
Country kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of

All of us are aware that the kitchen is the epicenter of all the activities going on in the house. A clean and well-done up kitchen can brighten your mood at the end of a tiresome day for sure. It is a place where you can grab a quick snack as well as spend time chatting with your loved ones while having a long and nice meal together.

Today, the order of the day is a well-done urbane and chic home décor. For those who want an old world and rustic feel to their kitchens, the idea is to go for country kitchen cabinets. It is a way of reconnecting with your roots and bringing the old world charm into your homes. For those who are looking to remodel their kitchens, this is a great idea.

Country kitchen cabinets can bring alive the look only if they are properly done on a well-designed canvas. A canvas could comprise of an imagery of the American countryside or pastures. Once the canvas is set, apt kitchen cabinet designs pertaining to the countryside look can be made and installed accordingly.

French country kitchen cabinets in combination with stone countertops and tile backsplash
French country kitchen cabinets in combination with stone countertops and tile backsplash. Photo courtesy of Treeline Kitchens

Before selecting the country kitchen cabinets it is essential to understand the difference between the two most prominent styles: The American country kitchen cabinets and the European country kitchen cabinets. Both the styles have their own unique personalities and cater to people having a certain taste in decorating their houses.

In the American country kitchen cabinets, designs such as patchwork and images of livestock take prominence. The look is more sophisticated than the one obtained in the European style. The country style kitchen cabinets make way for convenience and allow more space.

In the European style of country kitchen cabinets, the French country kitchen cabinets are absolutely sought after. The French style combines a practical design with ornate decorations and patterns on the wood. The finishes in the French country kitchen cabinets are smoother and more natural and the usage of lighter hues also adds to the entire space effect. In this type of country kitchen cabinetry, color is of utmost importance. The designs and patterns remind you of the rustic French countryside, its pastures, the lavender fields and the regions of Provence.

Larger pieces of furniture teamed up with unique sideboards give a heightened feeling of more space. The storage space is larger anyways in this type of style.

Another style of country kitchen cabinets is the Victorian style. These cabinets are done in the most Imperial way possible. The usage of darker and more sophisticated hues, the classic floral and majestic designs and sharp cuts bring forth the rich era.

In some other forms of country kitchen cabinets, the usage of darker hues and darker wood is more outstanding. In these forms, in order to display the cutlery and other kitchen accessories, glass paneled cabinet doors can be installed. This also augments the old-world charm and presentation.

There are several other, less prominent, styles like Casual and Formal country kitchen cabinets, Italian style kitchen cabinets etc. Each has its own unique identity. The framing and design identities, the color shades and fittings and last but not the least the finishing of each of these different styles brings out a different picture considering the basic canvas used.

These country kitchen cabinets are usually made for custom kitchens. They use several door styles like beaded, matt etc. Handmade kitchen cabinets and craft-made kitchen cabinets, which are made in the country style, are the latest trend in the construction and renovation industry.

All these different styles of country kitchen cupboards offer varied patterns in different colors to chose from and decorate your kitchen accordingly. Check the prices with the manufacturers (each one offers a different deal) and then proceed with whatever fits your needs and budget.

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  1. Pressed tin panels, jelly cabinets, pie safes and long wooden shelves imparts rustic atmosphere to any home.

  2. I love country-style kitchens. Country-style kitchen cabinets always give me this homey feeling. Because I love to cook, I am definitely very sensitive when it comes to my kitchen. Thanks for this article.:-)

  3. This is a great post. Through the years of designing kitchens, the country styles that have the warm light/beige wood grain patterns have always captured me with a feels of serenity.

    I’ve never really cared too much for the real dark stained style raised panel doors, but the lighter woods are captivating.

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