The Kitchen Cabinets Cost – An Important Consideration

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Whenever we go to buy something in the market, we are very cautious about our budget and we buy a thing according to its price. Similarly, while purchasing a kitchen cabinet, the price of the cabinet plays an important role. The kitchen cabinet’s cost is the prime consideration before you select it for your kitchen. Every individual has a different budget for buying a kitchen cabinet and s/he cannot cross the budget. Depending upon the price factor there are plenty of kitchen cabinets available in the market.

It is advisable that you should set the most appropriate budget before you go to shop for the kitchen cabinetry. Setting an appropriate budget is important because you do not remodel your kitchen time and again, and changing the kitchen cabinets is quite tough as you will have to empty the previous one and then again stock the items in the new cabinet. For this reason you should set an appropriate budget for the kitchen cabinets and think it over so that you need not change the cabinet frequently.

The kitchen cabinet’s price depends on a number of factors. These factors include:

1. Quality of materials used: The kitchen cabinets pricing highly depends on this factor. The cabinets with high quality material is ought to be more expensive than the one with material of average quality.

2. The size of the cabinet: Another important factor deciding the kitchen cabinets’ price is its size. If you opt for a bigger sized cabinet it would be more expensive than a smaller cabinet with less number of features, shelves and drawers.

3. Style of the cabinet: Nowadays, design of a product plays an important role; accordingly the kitchen cabinets’ cost is also dependent on the style of the cabinet. If you want a modern or a stylish cabinet, it would be definitely more expensive than a simple-looking cabinet. This implies that kitchen cabinets’ price very much depends on its looks.

The above-mentioned are the major factors that decide the kitchen cabinets’ price. So you should deeply consider these factors as well, before deciding your budget for a new kitchen cabinet. As mentioned above, quality is a factor that plays a major role in stating the kitchen cabinets cost, hence you should prepare a good budget as the purchase of a quality product is a lifetime investment.

Depending upon the kitchen cabinets pricing, we have divided the cabinets into three categories, namely basic, mid-level and premium. These categories are explained below:

Basic kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets’ price varies from $250 to $350. These kitchen cabinets are best suited to those who do not insist on style options and the perfect fitting. These cabinets consist of inexpensive units and ready to assemble units. They do offer a few features, styles, sizes and trim options. Instead of plywood they are made of veneered particle board. In many models frameless construction is used.

Mid-level kitchen cabinets

The midlevel kitchen cabinets’ price generally varies from $400 to $900. These cupboards are suitable for majority of kitchens. This category includes even the low-priced semi-custom models wherein you can make your own choice of door styles, trim, accessories, size, finish and material used. The kitchen cabinets of this category use the face frame construction. High quality plywood is not generally used in these cabinets (except for the higher priced ones); rather thinner or thicker veneered particleboard is used.

Premium kitchen cabinets

These kitchen cabinets cost anywhere between $600 to $2000. The custom kitchen cabinets also come under this category and they are amongst the most costly kitchen cabinets. The custom kitchen cabinets will generally cost you somewhere around $1600-$2000. These cabinets are ideal for the people who want the most stylish storage cabinets for their kitchens. In this category, you also have high priced semi-custom models wherein the boxes are made of high quality plywood. The hardware and other materials are also of premium quality. They offer the great features and quality.

Now you can easily make out which type of cabinet you want for your kitchen depending on the above categorization. But making a wise decision is must because a kitchen cabinet forms the most essential part of your kitchen.

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