Ultimate Guide To Expand Your Kitchen Appliances Lifespan

Compact countertop dishwasher

How much did you pay for your kitchen appliances? Do you feel as if it was a fortune? High-quality kitchen machines are expensive. When you make such an investment, you want to enjoy worry-free use for years to come.

However, in real life, appliances often break down before their lifespan is up. So you end up paying for repairs, choosing new appliances, finding ways to utilize old ones, etc. How can you keep your kitchen helpers last longer?

In this article, we’ll teach you how to forget about faulty appliances and enjoy their stellar work for as long as possible.

1. Keep them clean

Keeping appliances clean is the key to their longevity. Here comes a surprise. Your kitchen is the dirtiest place in your house. Yes, it’s not the bathroom. It’s the kitchen! The reason is a high concentration of bacteria, which comes from food, as well as high humidity.

Grease settles on appliances, seeping inside and busting electronics. Bacteria and high humidity create an excellent environment for mold growth.

If you want to avoid frequent breakdowns, it’s important to keep appliances clean. Wash and wipe the surfaces after each cooking session. Don’t leave them dirty for too long. If you have an opportunity, hide small appliances inside cabinets. The less grease and humidity they encounter, the longer they’ll function.

Cleaning appliances from the inside is important as well. Some people believe that dishwashers don’t need any special cleaning because they run water and detergent through themselves anyway.

That’s a big mistake. Any appliance that uses water is prone to such things as clogs and hard water deposits. You need to ensure they are taken care of properly.

2. Read the manual

We hope you didn’t just stop reading the article. Yes, no one likes manuals. However, they can save you thousands of dollars. Even if you’ve been using your old microwave for a dozen years, you aren’t a microwave expert. So when you get a new one, peek inside the instruction leaflet.

You may learn a few surprising things. The most important chapter talks about maintenance. Tampa based appliance repair specialists share that if you provide proper care for your appliances, they may surprise you by working long after their lifespan is over. You’ll leave repair companies out of work.

While reading the maintenance section, give a little attention to the operation rules. In many cases, appliances give out because of improper use.

3. Don’t overload

Overloading appliances often leads to their failure. Even if it seems that a dishwasher can fit a large number of dishes, there is a limit. Meanwhile, stuffing large dishes into the microwave can lead to breakdowns. The same works for the rest of your kitchen appliances.

Even if you are in a hurry, keep the volume down. Read the manual to find out how much you can put inside the appliance.

4. Use the right cleaners

When you are cleaning your appliances, make sure to use high-quality cleaners. Harsh chemicals and stiff-bristled brushes could ruin the coating of some appliances, thus making them less efficient. Eventually, such cleaning could lead to a breakdown.

Try to stick to eco-friendly cleaners. They are usually cheaper and safer than what you can buy at the nearest store. You’ll be surprised at how good of an effect you can achieve with baking soda, vinegar, and lemon.

5. Maintain your electrical system

In many cases, appliances break down because of a faulty electric system. A sudden change of voltage could ruin an appliance. That’s why you should maintain your electrical system properly. If you aren’t sure about its safety, consider investing in electricity protectors.

If an appliance breaks down due to a problem with electricity, never try to repair it on your own. It could be dangerous. Call a professional appliance repair service.

6. Pay special attention to installation

When you are installing your appliance, consider the following factors:

  • Proximity to the water source
  • Direct sunlight
  • Ventilation

Ideally, they should be installed away from water and direct sunlight and in a ventilated area. Read the manual to find out what the ideal conditions for your particular appliance are. Some appliances, such as dishwashers, must be perfectly leveled to work properly.

7. Get professional services

When your appliance stops working, don’t try to fix it on your own. Unless it’s something as minor as a light bulb replacement or a filter change, leave the work to professionals. DIY repairs are often ineffective and lead to other breakdowns.

Professional technicians don’t just discover the root of a problem, they give a warranty on their services.

Consider finding a reliable appliance repair service as soon as you buy an appliance. Sounds a little strange? You’ll thank yourself when the machine breaks down. Because knowing whom to call in an emergency rather than running around looking for the best option is priceless.

8. Provide proper ventilation

High-quality ventilation is the key to the proper functioning of all of your kitchen appliances. You may want to invest in an air purifier as well. Proper ventilation won’t allow too much dirt to settle on the appliance. It can also prevent mold growth.

Final thoughts

Expanding the lifespan of your kitchen is easy as long as you follow these simple rules. Just a little attention every day can save you hundreds of dollars on repair and replacement.

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