How To Design A Gothic Kitchen

Traditional Victorian kitchen remodel idea
Traditional Victorian kitchen remodel idea. Photo courtesy of

Designing a Gothic kitchen requires a creative vision. There is no “Bed, Bath and Goth” store to purchase furnishings specific to a Gothic kitchen. Gothic decor is often made of dark wood or metal, and looks like it would fit right into a building from medieval times. Thrift stores, estate sales and yard sales offer chances of finding decor to round out a Gothic kitchen once you have the color scheme and larger kitchen elements in place. Dark walls, rustic beams or wood shelves and even a candle chandelier would be right at home in a Gothic kitchen. Reclaimed stained glass windows can be set on existing shelves or window sills. Outdoor elements such as gargoyles perched atop cabinets create a Gothic vibe as well. If you think of a castle when looking at your kitchen decor, you’ve done a good job creating a Gothic kitchen.

Typical Gothic element
Typical Gothic element

And, of course, don’t forget the Gothic dress. This generally means mysterious and antiquated dark type of clothes.

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