Kitchen Cabinet Refacing & Refinishing Ideas

Kitchen cabinet refacing
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Remodeling your kitchen can be an expensive process and a major component of the cost is replacing your kitchen cabinets. One way to cut costs and still get a new kitchen is by refacing kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. Refaced cabinets not only look as good as new ones, these also have a renewed life span.

Your kitchen is an important component in the overall value of your home. If you are thinking of selling your house, a great looking kitchen will add to its value and kitchen cabinet refacing is a great way to achieve this at economical rates.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is not a complex procedure. It consists of replacing the doors, front panels of the drawers and the hardware – the hinges and handles. The external surfaces can be re-finished with veneer, laminate, thermo-foil or just painted to match the style of the doors. The interiors of the cabinets can be either re-laminated or painted. Refacing cabinets in a normal sized kitchen can be done in one week.

But refacing kitchen cabinets is not a universal solution for every remodeled kitchen. It can only be done in cases where the cabinets are in a good condition. If the structure of the cabinets is not sound and there are problems of warped wood, damaged fiberboard or rusted metal, refacing will not work – the result will look shabby and the new appearance will not last. Also, if you are changing the layout of your kitchen, refacing kitchen cabinets will not work. You will need a new design to suit your kitchen and refacing what you already have will leave you with cabinets that may look good but appear to be out of place.

There are a huge variety of refacing options to choose from. To achieve the best results you need to first plan the complete remodeling of the kitchen and finalize your new color schemes and the finishes that will be used in other parts of the room. The look of the countertops, floors, windows, doors and appliances will influence the look of the cabinets. Consider refacing with maple or oak finishes to give a traditional look while using white pine will add a country feel to the kitchen.

Besides just renewing the existing look, refacing kitchen cabinets can also include some minor modifications that can change the total look of the cabinets. Adding molding and attractive drawer pulls can add a lot to the appearance. Removing some doors and leaving a few cabinets open, will create a more open effect. This effect can also be achieved by using glass doors to allow the display of glassware, silver and pottery and so on. Using glass doors also gives an expensive look to the cabinets.

Since you are saving money by refacing, you can look at using the money saved to improve the looks and functionality of the kitchen as a whole. More cabinets can be added, new or additional features like a Lazy Susan to access hard to reach areas, a new island or pantry, pull down shelves, roll out drawers and trays are just some of the things you can think of. Wire basket storage compartments are becoming increasingly popular.

Kitchen cabinet refacing may be simple but it does require skill and attention to the small details that affect functionality and the appearance. If you want to get the work done by professionals, make sure that the contractor you hire for the work has the skill to do a good job and the taste to ensure that the final effect is pleasing. The best way to do this is to go beyond interviewing contractors and checking reference and to look at work they have already done. Besides the overall appearance, look for the finer things. Are the seams and joins smooth, gap free and straight? Are the doors fitted straight and close properly? Is the finish smooth all over and is the grain aligned properly on the doors, drawer panels and the frame? If the work done satisfies you and the prices quoted are acceptable, go ahead with the contractor.

You can also do the work yourself. Kitchen remodeling companies and home improvement stores will sell you the doors, laminates, paint, hinges, drawer pulls and all the other items you will need. These outlets will also be able to provide advice you may need on the best type of paints and laminates for your requirements.

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    Depending on what you decide to do with your kitchen cabinets, your project can take anywhere from less than a week to just over three weeks. Of course, new cabinets also usually mean a full kitchen remodel that can take up to six weeks. If you’re going to replace your below-counter cabinets, you pretty much have to rip out most of your kitchen, anyway. It might be possible to refinish/re-face your below-counter cabinets and install new kitchen wall cabinets with the same finish to retain matching cabinetry. This is something you may want to inquire about if you don’t have the resource for a full kitchen remodel. You may be able to remodel your cabinets this year, and do the rest of your kitchen next year. Again, you probably won’t be aware of the full range of options you have until you talk to a San Antonio kitchen remodeling contractor about your specific kitchen.

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