New Kitchen Design – Tips, Suggestions and Ideas

Modern kitchen cabinets
Modern kitchen cabinets. Photo courtesy of

A new kitchen design requires a lot of thought… there are so many things that you need to take care of. The style, the look, the layout, the materials etc… this is just the beginning, there are many more details that you need to get into while designing that perfect kitchen for yourself.

Here are a few pointers that would help you in creating a new kitchen design for your space

New kitchen design idea - Island kitchen arrangement
New kitchen design idea – Island kitchen arrangement. Photo courtesy of Bill Stella Kitchens, Inc.

1. Size up your kitchen. Make a note of how much space is available to you before you make your new kitchen design. Leave adequate room for moving about and keep the three activity areas in mind – the cooking area, the serving area and the washing area. You would need to devote ample room for these areas and also make space for the appliances that go with a particular space. For example a sink would be required in the washing area and a cooking stove would be needed in the cooking area.

2. While preparing the kitchen layout make sure that the three most important appliances – the cooking range, the refrigerator and the sink form a triangle. It is advisable to keep the cooking range in the middle.

3. Also, another thing to keep in mind is the area of the doorway or the walkways. Make it wide in your new kitchen design as it would be easier to move the appliances to and from the kitchen.

4. You can start with cupboards, cabinets and drawers. If you are on a budget then you can go for the regular glossy doors in white. They are easy on the maintenance and are quite affordable. However, if you are ready to spend some cash then you can go for the sleek varieties that are available in the market. The latest out of them being a corner drawer which is very stylish, once installed, and it helps to use up the dead corner area.

5. Appliances make a kitchen; and in today’s day and age, stainless steel is the material to pick! Now, many companies are offering finger-print-proof options as well.

6. For the work area, there are a lot of options to choose from. Light colors are a good choice but if you opt for a pattern in your new kitchen design, then it will help in hiding water marks or dirt stains.

7. Nowadays, sinks that you can place under the counter are a rage. They are very smart and add to the style quotient of the kitchen, however they are pretty expensive and you should only include it in your new kitchen design if you are willing to splurge.

8. A new trend that has emerged in the recent times is having a smaller second kitchen which comes into use when the main one is busy.

9. The most important aspect of a kitchen that people generally ignore while working on their new kitchen design is the aspect of ventilation. Make sure that you place an exhaust fan in your kitchen.

10. Make use of the natural light… make room for large windows in your new kitchen design which would enable sunlight to enter. The room would look and smell fresh all the time.

11. While designing the kitchen, don’t forget about the flooring. Make sure the colors of floor don’t clash with that of the walls or those of the cabinets and drawers.

12. Make a list of all the essential must-have appliances that you intend on buying. Then accordingly make arrangements for the electric outlets.

13. Instead of straight lines, go for rounder edges. This is the latest trend and would also save you from getting hurt because of the sharp right angle edges!

14. If you have a large area, then do think about accommodating an island in your new kitchen design. Placement of an island would depend on the layout.

15. If you want to turn your old kitchen into a new one, then you can only replace the fronts of your cabinets, paint the whole area white and put new brass hinges, or do a complete resurfacing job.

So, if you are planning to create a new kitchen from scratch or you just want to remodel the old one, these tips and suggestions would help you to recreate the kitchen of your dreams.

Here is a software that would also help you with the creation of your new kitchen design.

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  1. My mom has told my dad that they are either going to remodel the kitchen or move. My dad chose the remodel option. It is good to know that one should make use of natural light in a kitchen. I like what was said about making room for large windows to enable sunlight to enter. I will be sure to share these tips with my dad.

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